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Portrait of a KillerI have encountered the name Jack the Ripper way back in college, and as far as I remember this name was linked with our national hero Jose Rizal. As cited by the book ‘Rizal without the overcoat’, our very own famous and genius hero is also controversially known as ‘Jack the Ripper’. Because there is no proven records saying that he is the Ripper this controversial remains as a Filipino Urban Myth.

As I graduated my study my interest with the myth vanished. But when one of my interns on my previous work told me about this book that he has and let me borrow it. My desire grew like fire as I read the title “The Portrait of A Killer: Jack The Ripper: Case Closed”. I started to recall and even scan my book where in I have first read about Jack The Ripper.

Jack The Ripper is a name given to an unidentified serial killers who was active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888, where he did the killings and the victims are those who comes from the poverty line and mostly prostitutes or the they so called unfortunates/unwanted.

The Portrait of A Killer: Jack The Ripper: Case Closed, is a story about a guy named Walter Sickert. Walter Sickert is an artist, a painter where in most of his subjects includes nudity and killings. He is considered a prominent figure in the transition from Impressionism to Modernism. He is also an important influence on distinctively British styles of avant-garde art in the 20th century. Most of his paintings includes people and urban scenes. Some of his paintings were used as an evidence for the case. Due to familiarity of the paintings to the murders done in Whitechapel district in London they conclude that the famous painter and Jack the Ripper is one person.

In addition to this the letters sent to the officers at that time do not coincides with eachother like for example one letter would show that the sender is an uneducated person, but the next letter would indicated that the killer is actually educated and smart. Plus the fact that the misspelled words on the first letter would be correctly spelled on the second letter. The killer is smart enough to use this strategy to mislead the police on the wrong direction. There are also letters telling them or giving them the hint on where he would get his next victim. Letters also indicates that the killer love arts and theater. On the other hand Walter Sickert is fond of watching theatrical plays especially if it includes children. He will soon invite them over to his art studio, then he will paint them.

Killings includes the unfortunates, why because they are the people Sickert think he can handle. A theory says that he must be psychologically ill to do this. This illness might be because of him lacking of something. That maybe he is not capable of having sex, so in return he used prostitution to get his victim. And when they are about to do it he’ll kill them. Maybe this gives him pleasure, satisfaction and control, resorting him to do more.

But due to the lack of forensic evidence that time finding the right killer must be really hard. Plus some of the killing on the latter part includes a chopped body part and by that time it was really diffcult to know who owns that part.

Jack the Ripper not only killed a number of people he too killed his own life by slowly destroying it, putting himself in self destruction. Up until now there ain’t no proven evidence that will tell who Jack the Ripper really is. Is it really Walter Sickert or are we pointing our index finger at a wrong person again?