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Posted: May 5, 2014 in Hobby, Passion
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I went out with my friends. Have fun with them. We went into the coffee shop. We talked, chit – chat. Catching up on the things that happened on our lives. We haven’t seen each other since god knows when. Talking to them brings back memories. Laughter and tears that we have shared. We haven’t talk since like forever. They introduce me into a guy. A friend of them. Oh here they go again matching me with someone I don’t know.  I look at the guy sitting in front me. Well he is good looking and he is a professional too. An engineer and a business man in the making. The way he looks at me indicates his interest for me. Oh boy just in time. They really know the perfect time to introduce a guy huh. I just went into a break up and forgetting him is like forgetting how to breathe. And I think this guy can help me a lot.

My friends left us. We were talking and I am laughing at his jokes, when someone caught my attention. A guy sitting on the next table was looking straight into me. No more to say he is looking straight into my eyes. Invading my soul. Touching me deep within. I look on the different direction to avoid his glare. After our coffee he decided to bring me home. As we were walking towards his car a man suddenly approach us and hit him on the face. From his look I can say that he is drunk. I was left stunned while the two of them was throwing punches at each other.

This guy who just hit my date is no other than my ex. He was drunk awfully drunk. I was awoken by his scream. No it was more like a shout… referring to me.

“We’re not yet done! It’s only 2 months and we haven’t break up yet! Why go out with this junk!” He pointed the guy beside him. He was crying now for good.

People started to surround us. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. I don’t know whom to choose. I was about to speak but my heart speaks for me I approach him, my ex and put my arms around his waist.

“I’m sorry. I really am. You cannot bring me home because I have to bring him home.”

With that we walked towards his car. I put him next on the driver’s seat while I hopped in on the driver’s seat. I was about to put on his seatbelt, when he cried, begging me to stay.

“I am sorry! I love you so much please don’t leave me.”

“hush.. I will not leave you.”

He close the distance between us, we were about to kiss when….


I woke up.



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Red is beyond the color itself.

Red signifies different emotions and whimp

It symbolizes an abstract that even painters cant paint

It heals wound that even doctors can’t cure.

Red is the color of anger found on different scenario.

It is the color you’ll get when you see him with someone else.

It is the word you will utter when you get burn.

It is as cold as you can be when being ignored.

 Red is equivalent to endless happiness in some cases too.

It is the sound of a crying  baby echoing the room.

It is the emotion he’ll feel when you said Yes.

It is the feeling she’ll have while walking on the aile.

Red for some is just a mere color.

A color you’ll find on your coloring box.

But as we look around and observe, you’ll see

Red is beyond the color itself…

The Magic of Reading

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Hobby, Passion
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My book collectionWe are living in a generation wherein cellphones, tablets, laptops and gadgets matter the most. Having the latest model of iPhone, Samsung, apple products and any other gadget brands would mean that you are in trend amongst any other on your peer. Youngsters are very much inclined with these technologies. Having them at hand would mean so much for them. One of the reasons would be that their surrounding demanded it, plus the factors that the mass and social media brings into them.

I have nothing against with these technologies, in fact I am very thankful for the benefits and advantages that they bought in our lives. But let us not forget about the things that we use to do before the appearance of these technologies. Reading for example.

With the kind of living we have, seeing someone holding a book and solemnly reading it is a very rare situation. Most of us especially the young ones are very much inclined with their gadgets to the point that we have forgotten how to have quality time with our books. We should always put in mind the importance and benefits that it may bring us.

I, personally speaking had come to the point where in reading bores me. That I would rather choose my phone or tablet rather than my books. But I think I was born to be forever in love with books, and that draws us together. Loving book is innate to me. I still remember how I love going at the library every after my class. I will not go home from mall without a newly buy book on hand. These books help in building my dreams, it also plays an important role in nurturing, molding my behavior. It became my teacher, mentor or even counselor. These are some of the things that reading does to me. These are only some of the things that a person can get by engaging or committing his/herself with them. Let me elaborate the benefits and advantages of having a long time commitment with these books.


1. Reading satisfies ones satiety

If food serves us with energy, then reading serves as a food for our brain. They feed an individual’s hungry mind. They serves as an electron flowing within our vain that brings excitement in our system. People are innate doubtful, and when you are doubtful you always in search of answers. When you read you tend to know more things, details and information that fulfill our intrigued mind. People has wide satiety for information. For things that others think are difficult to answer. A book a day or a week can avoid you from boredom and unchangeable life. When a person stop reading he/she become stagnant. Stagnant to the things that she already know and he/she misses the chance to learn more. A person who do not read tend to have a more unproductive and boring life than those who reads. It do not only feeds you but as well as your hungry mind. It gives unexplainable excitement that leads a person to continue reading, this excitement helps in building ones desire or passion with reading. It encourages and excites a person resulting to eagerly turn each page.


2. Reading a key to a continuous and productive conversation.

People love talking to those who are not only smart looking but as well as talking smartly, or better to say those who knows how to bring fire within the conversation. Reading will not only keep you from being stagnant from the details and information. It also enhances your vocabulary, gives you a wide array of words that you will not hear in a layman conversation. In having a conversation you must put in mind that it is better to carry a bullet words rather than not to carry anything at all. We also need to accept the fact that as we grow our satiety and hungriness for information and words also grows. In fulfilling those, reading is a good source.


3. Reading is a free travel ticket round the world.

Reading can bring you to the places that you are dreaming of. Even if it is a mind created land or a real one. When you read you tend to know more places and books are made to describe those places. Their geographical appearance, status, climate, history, behavioral adaptation and even the way they look years before. Your books serves as a free travel ticket around the world, so if you are planning to travel someday beginning it with a book is a good start.


4. Reading is one way of continuous learning.

As read you tend to learn more things. You tend to enhance not only your vocabulary but as well as your knowledge. Most of our well known and famous people got their knowledge not by entering and graduating with a degree but with their commitment with books. Books provide them with continuous information, data and learning. People may get old but not the books and the knowledge and information that it encompasses, that they will surely pass into one another.


5. Books will never get tired of you.

People, organizations, peers and even crowds may get tired of you. They might throw in just a snap of a hand, whatever you have built up together with them. They might leave you along the way. They may betrayed you and even not acknowledge you. But books are not like them, they will not leave you, they will stay with you forever. They will never get tired of you no matter what happen they will not break the commitment that you have with them. They might even help you to pass whatever you both know to your descendants. Committing yourself with them means engaging a long time and solid relationship with them, your books.

Those are only some of the reason I love reading. Why I love and will always be forever IN-LOVE with BOOKS. Aside from the fact that the whole world will leave me, they might not believe me but not my books but instead they will help me and teach me. Happiness is when I am able to read. When I am able to build my dreams and to uphold them in the future.

I hope this blog helps you to remember how important reading for every one of us. How they might change your life. I am not saying that you should drop off your gadgets, what I am saying is put it down for a while and commit yourself to your books. A two to three hours of reading will not hurt you. So commit yourself and surely they will commit their self to you FOREVER.


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I’ve been waiting for this for so long, but seeing this come makes my head sprung in pain. I’ve been planning and planning for this, have been preparing but why it still brings pain in my chest. I’ve did all the possible things, solutions and preparations, yet I think I cannot escape the fact that I will still experience this kind of pain.




I’ve been here for 2 years now, been experienced a lot of things, gain new friends and companions that I never thought will remain not only in this 4 walls of this company but will as well reside in my heart . They we’re like a drug that we’re injected, flowing into my vain. They invade not only my office life, but as well as my whole being. I don’t regret meeting and welcoming them into my life. They touch a big part of my life, they serve as my electrons giving energy into my spine, making me stand up again whenever I’m down.








They say you enter an institution or company to find a job and not to make friends, but if in the process you do so then consider yourself lucky. And if those friends are real one then  consider yourself blessed. I guess I am blessed for I do not only found friends but I found real people, real friends. Each of us have differences, have flows, have ups and downs but we never let it stop us from allowing ourselves to enter each one’s life.





This maybe the end of my career in this company, but I promise you guys that this will never be the end of friendship! I may take different path, may go different way, may even enter new company or institution, but I assure you that no one, as no one can ever replace you in my life. You made my stay here unforgettable. NIGHT SHIFT ROCKS!