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100 Days of Happiness (Day 4)

Learn to appreciate things and people around you. You will never know their worth unless they’re gone. I am very lucky to have them. These cute babies plus my ever so happy cousin never fail to put smile on my lips. I love you guys! BIG TIME!


100 Days of Happiness

I am just a simple lady with a little girl’s heart. Simple things can make me smile. Things like:
* I am able to write without what others would think. Well I write to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS.
* That like from a book reviewer for the first book review I made, gives me reason to smile and also encourage me to write more reviews. Real soon baby, real soon.

100 Days of Happiness

Happiness is when you know that you have your friends who supports you all the way. And most importantly makes you feel that you were loved. Thanks for being one bes! I miss you and the others big time!

100 Days of Happpiness

Day 1

Whatever you have/will experience in your life, might it be good or bad always face it with a smile on your lips.