I am Erika Altamira RN; part time data entry specialist, full time SEO Specialist and a registered nurse who has a passion for WRITING. This blog serves as my portfolio including various article and blogs that interests me. Everything that is written here is authored by me; otherwise a footer note will be seen.

The Passion

I’ve been in-love with writing for god knows since when. I started writing stories since high school. I have this wide array of imaginations when it comes to writing.Ā  At first it is just a mere hobby accompanied with reading, until I got hooked with it and started to beĀ  obsessed about it. To fulfill my obsession I decided to join journalism club way back in my primary and secondary school life. I even enter theater classes and enjoy performing in front of the crowd. Even I took different path in College and became a registered nurse, my passion and love for writing, reading and art are still running in my vain. I think being passionate with READING, WRITING and ART are innate to me.

My passion are also the reason why I entered SEO/SEM WORLD. On my first encounter within this world I know nothing. Until I get used with the whole process and started to love and put my focus on what I am doing. Now I can say that I have learned and will continue learning. I never entered hospital but I can say that I am happy of what I become. I got to do what I love and enjoy doing it.

Aside from those three I am also fond of anything that is new to my senses. Things that I have never encountered. Things that interests me. On my free time I usually read books and write novels, poem and stories. Aside from writing and reading, I also love surfing the net, did some sketching, go malling, play badminton and swimming. I love water to the point that I can stay there the whole day without eating. I have a very active way of living that staying at home doing nothing bores. You can usually find me outside, admiring the beauty of the things that surrounds me; at the mall observing people, watching how they behave and on the street getting familiarized to things that is brought about by our daily living.


I did this blog to write whatever is on my mind. This blog is created because of my love and growing desire with SEO/SEM. It is intended to show you what is running on my head, what interests me and give you information on the things that surrounds us. Things that you might or might not know.

There is something that I want to impose o n each readers that I have and would have; that is… IĀ WRITE to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS…

Have fun touring on my ATELIER!



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