Health Struggle

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Health, health issue
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Health has been engaged in a very controversial manner since the appearance of human race. From the development of micro bacteria that causes diseases up to the use of modern medical science to cure these diseases. Health has been very controversial. It is like a never ending crisis.

They say that each person should get the right health treatment. That giving, nursing and curing should be given fairly for everyone. That in Medical science there is no rich or poor individual. But as I watched a documentary about how’s the health status doing in our country, just then I realized how unfair our country is. Those who belongs to the upper or first class family line can get the right medical treatment immediately for they have the money that can provide that treatment, while those who belongs to the inner or third class family forever awaits for the attention of our health care providers.

I am a registered nurse, though I am not practicing my degree I can comfortably and freely say that caring is running in my vain. And it is a shame to accept the fact that not all health care providers can give health treatment fairly, equally and whole heartedly.

The invisible line that is drawn between the horizon of the rich and the poor are seen thru the acts of the health providers around them. If not all at least some of the hospitals follows the policy “No down payment, No Admission”. This policy should not be apprehended when the case is emergency. Any cases is emergency when they are admitted in ER, if the patients shouts of too much pain and if it is obviously and physically seen, payment prior to this should not be held.

I know most of you must be laughing at me, raising their eyebrows and saying “what’s the point in stating a sample of emergency cases”. Yes it is simple, visible and easy to understand, but then how come that some of the health care providers seems like didn’t know those things. As I seen on the documentary that I watched those providers didn’t allow the patients to be admitted due to lack of money for admission fee, this make them to decide to live outside of the hospital, praying that someday they will allow them to be admitted so they will get the right treatment they need. These patients are those who suffer from chronic illness. Haven’t they suffered too much, is their suffering’s not enough for us (health providers) to allow them to be admitted.

I just can take it. It’s a pain in my eyes. That documentary reminds me of the unfair health treatment that I have witness way back in my intern days. They say that you shouldn’t sympathize with your patients, instead you should empathize with them. But haven’t Nightingale teach us to give cure wholeheartedly. To provide health treatment without expecting anything in return except the wellness of that person and do anything with all your best to save one’s life.

Always remember that whatever path you choose if caring is innate to you it will be shown. And we “Health Care Providers Studied and Created to CURE not to SLOWLY KILL


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