Posted: May 27, 2014 in Poem

Won’t forget the day we’ve met

When you captivates my innermost

With those simple gaze, you touch my soul

With those simple smile, you instill within.

You asked my name and offer friendship as well

shocked and filled with shyness, I smiled in return

Butterflies landed on my stomach

When you confront me with such bravery.

My fellows started teasing me

Every time you come near me

When you stare at me with those starry eyes

My heart go crazy and jump in glee.

My cardia goes tachy

when you sat next to me

I’ll be in deep, shallowed breathing

when those comforting arms covered me.

Why?…Why am I falling for a guy like you

Is this one sided or are you with me too?

Am not ask’n for more neither demanding

As long as you’re here, I’ll be just fine.

But in case, just in case you’ll catch my fall

My mind and my body will be in great joy

For now just stay like this and take it slow

And build our forever with our simple thoughts…


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