Holly Week

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Passion
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holly week

April is the month for penitence. That is what roman catholic church says. And as filipinos we have grown up into an environment where in beliefs regarding saints and penitence (specially when HOLLY WEEK comes) are always been upheld. Because we filipinos has a tight bond with our relligion and for us not abiding them is like committing a  big crime.


I, personally speaking had and will always witness these beliefs. When I was a child it was a big question on me. A big puzzle on my head. Why do we have to follow them. Where in fact we grew up in a democratic country and no one has the right to question us the moment we choose not to abide them. But I guess our big respect with our religion plus the fact that we are a conservative country or more to say OLD SCHOOL country, makes us continue our tradition.


As a filipino let me introduce to you the things that we usually do when HOLLY WEEK comes. This is for the readers to know our culture. I have named things or traditions that are always on our check list when Easter comes.

PASSION (Pasyon)

Passion is a way of recalling god from the day of his existence up to his death and resurrection. We filipino called it as “PABASA” It is done for a couple of hours. It is not just a plain reading exhibit. It is more of singing rather than reading. Every words that should be sing out must be sang using their real tone. Passion is like our country’s anthem that changing its tone is illegal. Illegal not in the eyes of law but in the eyes of god and religion itself. Attending a “PABASA” is like going into the church, a proper attire should be wear. Now a days I’ve seen teenagers attending PABASA wearing their everyday outfit. And by everyday outfit I mean short-short, sleeveless, spaghetti strap and mini skirt with matching make up. I am glad seeing and knowing that our youngsters are voluntarily attending this sacred tradition of ours, but doing it their way is I think a bit off. And if they are just doing it because they think it is “IN” on that time then better not participate at all.


We should remember that this tradition is sacred. Let us not disrespect it by our simple gestures and ways that can damage this tradition.


Eating meat is a big NO NO


Starting Ash Wednesday. Meat is actually prohibited. Eating any kind of meat, might it be pork or chicken is a big NO NO.  This is because meat signifies flesh, and Jews usually used bread to commemorate god. Remember the saying that “God is the Bread of life”. And if you have read the bible you will see that from the beginning bread is already present. On the verse where in the foods are not enough  to accommodate the people what Jesus did is he multiplied the number of those foods. The foods are non other than fish and Bread. And aside from those facts it has been a tradition to us Filipinos ever since Holly Week had been created.


Happiness is Forbidden the moment Christ has been Crucified and Died


According to elders laughing or exhibiting any signs of happiness is also not allowed for a simple reason. God has died.  If someone related to you or let’s say close to you has died to you have the guts to be happy, or even to laugh? Jesus is like one of those relative of us, we cannot be happy  knowing that he had died because of us. He had died to save us all. And in return let’s morn and rejoice the moment he was reborn again.




Fasting is usually accompanied with not eating a meat. Fasting is eating half or your favorite foods or totally eradicating them on your system, on the whole process of holly week. It is eating less. It can also be controlling yourself on doing things that you have been use on doing. It is like feeling god, it is like suffering together with god, by the way you know you can. It is the least thing that we can do for him. For the things that he had done for us.



Penitence is the combination of all of this. It is like putting these five in a box and doing it all together. Compare to the things that Jesus had done for us these are nothing.


For some holly week is a vacation, it is their way of reminiscing god, the way of thinking or soul searching. Some would stay at home and some would go to the holly places like church and shrines. Whatever we chooses to do, let us always think that we are doing those things not for us but for god.


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