Posted: April 13, 2014 in Hobby, Passion, Poem
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Red is beyond the color itself.

Red signifies different emotions and whimp

It symbolizes an abstract that even painters cant paint

It heals wound that even doctors can’t cure.

Red is the color of anger found on different scenario.

It is the color you’ll get when you see him with someone else.

It is the word you will utter when you get burn.

It is as cold as you can be when being ignored.

 Red is equivalent to endless happiness in some cases too.

It is the sound of a crying  baby echoing the room.

It is the emotion he’ll feel when you said Yes.

It is the feeling she’ll have while walking on the aile.

Red for some is just a mere color.

A color you’ll find on your coloring box.

But as we look around and observe, you’ll see

Red is beyond the color itself…


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