Little Girl

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Passion

As a little girl I love playing
and holding my doll up.
I run and run until my friends
get tired and never caught me up

My world is nothing like but a coloring book.
There’s a blue calm sky above my head
and it really makes me giggle.
The sound of flowing water on the river
Echoing my name, encouraging me to swim.
Noise around me that serves
like a melody in my ear.

I was just a little girl
sitting on the rock
waiting for my friends to show up.

Time had passed and things changed.
I am no longer a little girl
who cares nothing but to play.
my life aint like a coloring book
but more like an abstract painting
full of light and dark colors that will make you think.
The blue calm sky above my head
slowly turned into gray.
Life has offered alot for me.
Things that sometimes I wish
I will never encounter again.
Though being a lady is difficult I will
face it withou doubt and fear.

I am just a lady with a little girl’s heart
Sitting on this rock, waiting for someone
who will lend his hand and held me up…

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