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[Rhyieka, GPC Lounge, June 2011]


Love_Triangle_by_iann7Everyone has the right to fall, but no one has the right to hurt someone’s hurt especially if it was pure and clean. Althea Villarica grew in a well known family, she have all the things that she needed. Her father provided her a good education. She finished her Bachelor Degree in Nursing in a Prestigious school. She has her own business, what else could she wish for.


She couldn’t asked for more, she have a loving father, a real girl best friend: Laila, and a guy best friend: Jaynard, who was always there for her. He was her guide, her protector, her councilor, her prosecutor and even a mentor. But he left her. With sorrow and sadness in her heart she met Jhenrick her girl best friend’s cousin. He court her and became her boy friend, he fulfill the emptiness and longings living within her, but he was a playboy, and all the things that he showed her, all the word that he uttered was all lies, he have hurt her and shuttered her pure heart into pieces. In the middle of this sorrow and suffering Jaynard appeared on the scene, he’s now ready to fight for her, but her Ex Jhenric wants her back again and will do everything to win her.

She made a plan, she’ll return to Jhenrick to torture and shuttered his heart the way he did to her, but the problem was he’s still irresistible and she’s falling for his trap. Will she fall for him again or will she choose the one who have love him from the very start. Who will win this game, the game they so called LOVE GAME…



Chapter I

148There’s nothing more  susceptible to do than to relax in your own sweet home. Sat comfortably on your warm and cozy sofa, with a glass of lemonade and a slice of chocolate cake on your table. Dim light and mellow music added up the serenity of the environment that will surely put you at eased. With different paintings hanged on the wall the house became more serene and artistic, it do not only beautify the place but it keeps your eyes calm and relax as well. Then outside the window you can see the beautiful view of the city, which is more visible at night There were really no better place to relax in the world except in your own home. Reminiscing would be the best thing to do at this very moment: traveling back to places and events you have been, figuring out the faces you once interact with and lastly putting up into reality the emotions you once felt.

Five years had passed now. Five years of hard work and suffering had paid of. What had happened to others now? Where are they and what do they do for living? These are only few questions that bothers Althea’s mind, a lady who sat comfortably with a pillow on her arm. She has a long silky black hair that every girl would love to have,  a fair and soft skin that every man would love to touch, a charcoal black eyes that will surely hypnotized you once you look at it and a small pointed nose that makes her facial feature perfect. At the age of 21 she already earned a lot for living: a boutique where she puts all the designs she made, she’s a respected and well known ICU nurse at Medical City. An alumnae of a prestigious university: the Far Eastern University, graduated with the degree of bachelor of science in nursing. Althea made a sigh, she missed her friends so much, especially her best friend:  Jaynard.

Jaynard and Althea were friends since birth, he used to be her protector, her knight in shinning armor, a best friend, a brother and even an ultimate dream guy. She still clearly recall the shape of his face,  the every details of his facial feature. His dimple located at the right cheek,  which was very visible once he release a smile. His charcoal brown eyes that looks like  glittering, his pointed nose that makes him more handsome and his fair skin that makes him looked fresh all the time. They were childhood friends that’s why she was very comfortable with him, she used to tell him her secrets, her crushes, her first boyfriend, her first heart broken and even her sentiments regarding her family. He’s the only person who can control her, who can make her follow him, who can straighten her bended behavior. Even her parents were in favor of him, they like the way he handle her, though they didn’t have any commitment, still he can manipulate her.  All they need was to commit each other to one another, then everything would be happy, but then there’s something with Jaynard that prevented him by doing so. He’s her everything, the most beautiful gift she had, not until he went abroad. It was after graduation when he decided to go to America and studied Engineering.  The first one and a half year of his stay there never became their problem, they always make sure to contact each other, to talk to one another, they even wrote letters, send pictures and exchanged text messages and calls, but it all changed when he reach his sophomore year where he became busy and so as she. They often call each other until they lost contact, And then that was it… the end of everything.

Althea made a big sigh, and took a sip of cold lemonade. She hugged the pillow tightly, imagining it as his best friend

“Aww,,, I missed him so much,,, where are you now Jay” she utter.

She was in the middle of her momentum when someone rang the door bell. She was hesitant to stand up but then she remember that her best girlfriend would be coming. With heavy feeling she went to the door, opened it return to the sofa and sat down heavily on it, returning to her previous position.

“If you want anything you know where the kitchen is.” She said with her face on the pillow.

“Aren’t you going to serve me?” Laila her girl best friend replied after putting her hand on her waist “And what are your plan to do?, stay here all day and reminisce the memories you will never experience again?” She added.

Laila became her best friend when she enter college, she used to be her walking and talking diary, a friend that you can always count on, a good adviser, yet a strict prosecutor, she’ll yell at you once you did something wrong. She became her light to a good and clearer pathway in college, because of her she never loose good tract. She had a short hair highlighted with auburn red dye. A small and korean like eyes , a fair skin and a small red lips. Laila was standing facing her with her hands on her waist.

“What’s wrong with you? Its my rest day right?, I want to be alone, so please just for now leave me.” Althea replied with a tone of anger in her voice.

“I’m not here to tease you, I’m here to cheer you…” She smile, took her friends hand and pulled her up “…come on let’s go out. Its my treat.”

Althea really had a soft spot for her friends, she can’t say no as an answer, she smile then stands up

“Okey,,, okey,,, just give me 10 minutes to change my outfit” with that she slipped out.

Althea and Laila made their way to the coffee shop, The “La Colorado” cafe was their favorite place to hung out, this is where they talk about their love life, family problems or any updates regarding their life. As usual they settled their selves on the balcony where they can see the beautiful scenery of the garden, where different flowers with different colors can be seen. Althea managed a smile while looking at the scenery, every time, she saw it, it makes her whole being at eased, like she was being intoxicated, as if she was just undergone a sterilization. The scenery lightened her mood, makes her think more clearly and positively.

“You really loved this place aren’t you?” Laila, who just entered the balcony started. She sat opposite to her, next to her was the waiter carrying their orders. He put  on the table a glass of coffee fudge topped with vanilla ice cream, a tea glass of cappuccino and 2 slices of chocolate crumbled cake.

“Yeap! I really do, nothing beats the ‘La Colorado’ its still the best place on earth for me…” Althea replied after the waiter had left.

“Sure it was, this is you and your best friend’s bonding venue,,, right?” Laila answered with sarcasm. She took a sip of cappuccino “by the way what happened to him, any news about him?… that Jaynard guy? “

“You know the answer to that question,…” She crossed her legs “I wish I do have a news about him, I wish I knew where he is ‘cause if I do I’ll jump to his place, to hit him, to yell at him and to ask him why he lost contact with me,,, “ she look

to her friend’s eyes “…but sadly I don’t have and I can do nothing about it.”

Laila was touched to what she said; she can sensed her sadness, her longings for him. She wants to help her forget him; she wants her to move on with her life. With that thought she suddenly recall the party of her cousin, she was invited by him. Her cousin, right he would be a perfect instrument for her friends treatment, he could be a medicine to her illness. He could be a heroine for her depression. A rehabilitation for her addictiveness. Nothing bad will happen if she tries to

match them.

“You know what friend, you need to mingle with others, so that you can move on with your life, its been three and a half year now since you lost contact with him, and besides he was just your best friend, no need to put yourself in too much pain,,,” she ate a small portion of the cake. “…and aside from that you don’t know his real feeling for you, what if for him you were just a real friend,,, friend you need to face the truth, he was gone now, if you and him will meet again?, nobody knows.”

“I know,,, but I don’t know where and how to move on, I’m tired of this too, of being alone, of being lonesome, of always hoping that one day I’ll meet him again, and that he’ll smile to me again, the way he used to do before. “

“Hmmm guessed what my cousin will throw out  a party tonight, want to come,,, I’m sure when you come with me you’ll surely love it, and who knows maybe the lucky guy was there too….” She said with a grin


mm… Fetch me at 8pm?” Then she too grinned.

Making a move so that her friend and her cousin would be close, could not be a big problem, even though she knew what kind of a guy her cousin was and maybe she can change him too, maybe she’s the person she’s looking for him, maybe,,, just maybe she can transform him from being a playboy to being a full time loyal and faithful boyfriend. She crossed her legs, lay

her back on the sofa and look at her friend who just stands up from her seat and walk through her room, she paint a smile on her face, with the thought of Althea and her cousin going out and perfectly match for each other. She knows her very much, and she was very sure that she’ll like her cousin once she saw him. Laila knew exactly the type of guy she likes to be with, not so good guy that will surely entice and put thrill on her sleeping nerves.


Chapter II


When they arrived, the party was already started; a laud disco music invades the house. As the song entitled “Birthday Sex” was being played you can see the visitors shaking their booty and jiving with the beat. Some of them are at the pool: talking with their friends or flirting with some guy. Some of them are wearing sexy dresses such as shorts, miniskirt, spaghetti strap, tube and so much more, while the others on the other hand are wearing swim suit. Laila let her eyes function, after glancing at the every corner of the placethere she found him, his cousin: Jhenrick talking to a chick. Without second thought she grabbed Althea’s hand and walked toward him.They arrived at the place exactly 8:45pm. The place was located at Forbes palace, where her cousin owns a house. It was modernized designed by him, It was a two story house with a family sized pool. The house was big for one person, and upon looking at it Althea couldn’t believe it when Laila told her that the person who’s living here was a he, for the house was perfectly kept clean, organized and wonderfully decorated that will make you think, that it might be made by a girl. The garden at the front gate was perfectly taken cared of, with the flowers that are well organized and bloomed in time, the plants are cut accordingly.

“Hi there!” She punch him on the shoulder “…how are you cousin?”

“Hey! At last you showed up,,,” he answered after waving good bye to the girl. “And who’s this beautiful chick beside you?” He added upon noticing Althea’s appearance.

“Oh! By the way, Jhenrick this is Althea my best friend…” She point out to her cousin “,,,Althea this is Jhenrick my cousin”

Jhenrick took Althea’s hand, he kissed it and while looking to her eyes he uttered “Nice to meet you beautiful lady”

Althea was shocked of what he did, she wasn’t ready for this kind of welcome, this guy in front of him was very noticeable, and she can’t take her eyes off him, how could she with his perfect move and those beautiful and talking like eyes. “Thank you” was all she can replied with those sweet move, a technique she never learned to avoid.

Jhenrick came from a well known family, an only son, and a spoiled brat, he’s an easy goer, a party animal, and an evidenced chick boy. If he like a girl he’ll do everything to get her, would it be by hook or by crook, but since he’s handsome it wont take him long to get that girl. All he need to do is to use his weapon, his charcoal black beautiful eyes, he just need to look into their eyes and do a little sweet talk coming out from his kissable lips, then flip his not so long brown colored hair, and a little touch on the tip of his pointed nose.  He’s a fair colored guy that makes him more neat and clean looking. He has this gut and the aura that will surely not let you pass by him without looking or turning back to his direction.

Althea and Laila made their selves comfortable at the sofa facing the pool; with them was a couple of food just enough to fill their satiety. Althea was looking at Jhenrick when Laila noticed it.

“He’s handsome, isn’t he?” Laila asked with a grin

“A bit..” She nod, then take a sip of wine “…but I bet he’s a player too…” She glanced at him again “…with that looks and aura, I can never be wrong “

Laila giggle “hehehe, don’t judge him because of his appearance, why don’t you approach him, talk to him, so that you’ll get to know him.”

“What do you intend to do, bringing me here and introducing me to your cousin.”

“Woahh… That was straight,,” she smile “… I just want you to be friends with him, nothing more, and nothing less

Althea smile “friends? Every time you’ll used the word ‘friend’, it gives me a wrong connotation.”

“Hehehe, is that how you think about me, just be friends with him that’s all”

.           She was about to answer when Jhenrick approach them. With him was a bottle of vodka chocolate, and a cell phone on the other hand. He sat down beside Althea and faced the two girls.

“So are you guys enjoying the party?” He begin

“Yes, we do… It’s a lot of fun,,” Althea replied with a glee.

“That’s right!” Laila added “by the way, couz, can you entertain my friend first, I saw a long lost friend somewhere there, just wanna say hi..:

Jhenrick looked to his cousin with full of meaning, he grin and then cheerfully he said

“Leave everything to me couz, I’ll take in charge.” he glance to Althea, then back to his cousin “…With me around, your friend will never get bored”

Laila looked at Althea too, she just answered her with a smile, then with that she left. Althea and Jhenrick was left there, they were quite and not talking at each other as if they were finding for the perfect word to be spoken out. Though he was already introduced to her still she’s not that convinced that she should be close with this guy, she’s thinking that her friend laila have a hidden agenda for them. And on the other hand she’s not used to speak first, she believed that a guy should do the first moved.

Jhenrick feels the tension building up between them and he does not like it. he should cut the long silence between them, he should put a word on the space between them, he should say anything to cut the dead air that surrounds them. He new very much that a kind of girl like her would not utter a word first, especially if she doesn’t know well the person beside her, even though that person was already been introduce. Upon looking at her he can say that Althea was a serene lady, couldn’t be touch and genuinely taken cared of. So to break the silence he decided to asked question about her friendship with his cousin.

“So how long you’ve been friends with my dear cousin?”

“When I entered college, She’s the first person who noticed  me,  she used to be my guide, an adviser and a very good and nice friend.” she replied. She think that at last he realized that she’ll not start the conversation, he’s the guy and the party owner he should entertain her.

“That’s good to hear, knowing that she found a friend like you…” Silence occur again, another dead air invades them, as if both of them didn’t know what exactly to do or to say, like they were bubbling for words to spoke up. They catch each others eyes then they started to laugh realizing that both them didn’t know how to start the conversation.

“Wow,,, this is the first time that I seek for words to say,,,” he looked into her eyes “…Guessed what?, you  made me speechless”

She smile “did I? Same here, you sealed my mouth because of your stunning aura.”

Jhenrick stretch up his arm on the sofa’s head crossing Althea’s shoulder, thinking that this lady beside her was wild too, and freaking hot in her own way. And because of that, she enticed him, make him thrilled and giggle with excitement

“Woah,,, what an admirable lady, this is the first time I heard a counter attack word from a girl.,, didn’t know that you also knew how to throw a punch line and I’m starting to like it.”

“Well..” She take off his hand “… I’m not a just-just girl, I do love throwing up lines too,,, and I also know how to play, playing for me is just an easy thing to do” She answered with a grin

“And who’s playing with whom?”

‘ you… your playing with me right?” he queried

“who told you?”

“No one, I can sense it”

He laugh “ I am not playing… How can I do that to a lady with such a beautiful face and a very attractive and stunning aura ” He rest his back “…you’re interesting, do you know that?”

She looked at him and with query eyes she asked “What do you mean?”

“I want to know you better, can we be friends?” He held out his right hand

She looked at the guys hand and without second thought she took it for a handshake, then she said with a smile “Sure..”

After shaking her hands he kissed it while looking directly into her eyes and then he said with a sweet and flirting tone “You’ll never regret it.”

She was tensed when she reached out for his hand, even though its just a handshake. then when he kissed it she nearly loss consciousness, and with those eyes that can melt any ladies heart, like an ice cream melting down under the heat of the sun.  She can’t understand, but there’s something with this Jhenrick guy that made her do whatever he asked for, that he had this pleasing aura that once caught you will surely hypnotized you, this guy was truly.. .IRRESISTIBLE.



Chapter III

girl-thinking-about-a-guyThe next day, Althea can still feel the hand of Jhenrick touching hers, she can still see his smile, no doubt he captures her, well its not that difficult to get her attention specially if that guy was as handsome as him. Honestly speaking this guy has this aura that gets attention even when you’re not looking at him; his aura will call you which will make you look his way.  She was reminiscing last night’s scene when her co-nurse calls her attention.

“Thea, the director’s calling you, he wants to talk to you.” Her co-nurse told her.

“Ow, is that so?,,, for what reason?” The co-nurse raised her shoulder as an answer. ”okay, I’ll go to his office now.” She stood up and started to walk. Thinking what would be her mistake this time, she didn’t remember doing anything wrong and for her entire employment at medical city she never did something that will put her in trouble.

She was in front of the director’s door, hesitant to move, still she knocked the door. After three knocked, the director opened it.

“Come in Ms. Francois…” He greeted her

“Doc, they said you need something from me,,, what favor can I do for you?”

“Actually I don’t have any favor to asked you…” He offer the chair to her “According to your co-nurses you were out of your self lately, and that you might be suffering from stress, so I suggest you to take a break  and if you’re feeling okay and back to the usual you, you can come back here anytime,”

“Do you want me to resign?” She asked with an eyebrow raised

“no, no, no… It was just a vacation that I’m offering,,,” he crossed his leg “…would you love that?”

To end up the conversation, she just nod, she’s not in the mood for this, and besides she really do need a vacation, she’s in a stressed now, and suffering a depression, It might be a good option to have a break from work.

She doesn’t know but today is the most lonesome and boring day she ever had. Yeah she had finished so many works: paper works, medicines, round calls and so much more, yet she still feels like there’s a lot of things need to be done, it might be not related to work, she doesn’t understand but she feels lonely, she feels like crying, she feels like wanting to go at the roof top of the condominium and shout all night long. She  sat at the chair and fixed her things so she can go home, it’s already 6 o’clock in the evening, her working hours is already up.  Now all she want to do is to go home and rest on her bed.  She stood and wave good bye to her co–nurses and left. She crossed the hall thinking what would be the best thing to do with her vacation leave, how should she waste it, then suddenly Laila enters her mind, she smile and whispered i should consult my adviser, I’ll call her when I arrived home

It was already seven o’clock when she reached her condo, She was about to swipe her door card, when she noticed a man standing at her right side, at her shock she saw Jhenrick, smiling to her.

“What are you doing out side and how did you know my place?” She asked upon entering her unit.She let him sat on the couch, then she put down her bag and directly went to her pantry.

“ I bought it from my cousin,,,” he explained while analyzing the painting at the sala.

“Oh, is that so,,,” she answered while putting down the glasses of iced tea on the table “…So, what brought you here?”

“Nothing…” He return to his seat “Just wondering if you want to hang out tonight,,, I want to go bar  hopping maybe you want to come with me?”

She took a sip of iced tea “Bar hopping? Hmmm,,, Honestly speaking I’m thinking of how to waste my time,,,  I guessed I want to go  too” she answered with a smile.

After 30 minutes of waiting Jhenrick was shocked to see Althea in her simplest yet seductive and daring look. She wears a black, V neck tight dress, Showing her perfect figured body. This 2 inches above the knee dress made her legs more visible, while her confidence makes her aura more stunning.

He looked at her with owe, he was amazed of how sexy and daring she could be. Even with a simple outfit she’s still sexy, what more with this one, but to think of it, it was just a simple tight, above the knee dress, it’s her aura that makes her look hot.

“Woahh!” He swallowed “your awesome and freakin’ sexy.”

“Oh… Thanks, Should I change this into a more conservative one?”

He shook his head “no, no, no… It’s actually simple but there something in you that make it go wild. You put a spice on it.”

Althea grin “should I accept that as a compliment?”

“You should honey.” Then he grabbed her waist towards him

“Ahmmm, I guessed we better get going.” She changed topic, to lower down the tension building between them.

She can not understand but there’s something with Jhenrick that makes her go wild. Every time he throw’s up pick up line, he makes her wanna answer it. There’s something in him that makes her show the wildest within her, the thing that she hide for so long, the thing that she learn to control and took over with. Silence took over them while their on their way to the bar, since it was Jhenrick’s idea to go bar hopping, he is also the one who’s responsible for the place. They are both mouth sealed, doesn’t know what to do or to say, he turn on the mp3 player and played a disco music.

“So, are you planning to hang out here?” She asked with a grin

“Hehehe, well, if you feel like dancing here why not, we can find a quite place, buy a drinks and food then settle our disco things there.” He mocked

“An instant bar, do you call it?” She throws back “that doesn’t sound bad, but how about our outfits, did we just change for each other? She giggled “I want others to see me in this outfit,,, maybe I can get a boyfriend out there…”

“You’re planning to get one?” He asked while looking on the road. They turned right on the stop light “…why find one if I am here?” He asked seriously.

“Why offer yourself if somebody already owns you?” She asked back

He step on the clutch “no body owns me…” He open the door and assist Althea to step out of the car “I want to make it clear to you,,, tonight your going to dance only with me, or else…” He took her chin and make her looked at him “I don’t know what I might do.”

They entered the pub with her hand on his arm. He escorted her to their seat, and then he ordered for 3 bottles of San Mig Light, 2 bottles of Margarita and a plate of crispy pata and barbecue.

“Here…” He gave her the  bottle of margarita “…would that be fine for you?”

She took it “yeah, don’t worry it’s just a lady’s drink.”

“Yeah, but it has a final blow.’

“It won’t knocked me down.”

“So…” he came closer to her and whisper “wouldn’t be your boyfriend get mad if he find out that you go here with other guy?”

“Boyfriend? I wish I have, but I don’t” she whispered back

“I see, then..” He puts his hand around her shoulder “would anybody mind if I do this?” He look into her eyes, then he slowly came closer to her. His lips was very near when she spoke up

“I would mind…” With that he set her free.


“I told you I’m not a just-just girl,,, and your not even my boyfriend.”

“Hahaha… I lost tract, yeah, I’m just testing you, if you’ll give in, good you didn’t”

“Hahaha, that ain’t funny…” She took a sip of margarita “…anyway I need to go to the powder room, wait for me here..”

Yeah, be fast, we’ll going to dance..”

“Sure” she smiled.

Thirty minutes had past but still she’s not around, Jhenrick was very worried, so he decided to go to the powder room to fetch her, there near the dance floor she found her surrounded by 3 guys. He cannot understand but he sensed that his temper had risen, he approached her and put his hand around her shoulder.

“What’s wrong here babe? You been out for long, you got me worried

“Jhenrick?” As if she gets what he’s trying to symbolized, she ride on his gimmick. “Babe they said they want to talk to you,”

He transfer his hand to her waist “regarding what?”

“Regarding, if we can borrow your girlfriend for a while.” One of the guy answered

“Come again?” He step nearer to the guy.

“I said… If we can borrow her for a while”

He touched the guy’s collar, he straightened it “What if you borrow face from a dog…”

“take it easy dude,,,” the guy raised up his hand “…It wont hurt you right? If you lend her to us…” He said with a grin

He nod “it wont, but this will hurt you” with that his fist landed on the guys cheek, he cannot understand but he really do lost his  temper there. He was about to punch again when the bouncer approach  them

“What’s the problem here, Rhick?” The guy asked him

“Nothing, they just tried to steal what is mine…” The guy whom he punched, stand up look him on the eye “Don’t mess with me” Jhenrick added.

After the incident they return to their seat. Speechless, Althea sat on the couch, she can’t understand why Jhenrick’s coolness turned into anger. Is it because of her or because of the guy’s insult. But protecting her, gives her a chilling feeling, it seems like a butterfly landed on her stomach. Somehow she admires him. Jhenrick put the bottle of margarita in front of her.

“You’re not touching your drink.” He begun after he took a drink of San Mig light.

“You okey?” she grab the bottle and drunk on it “You seemed annoyed.”

“Yeah, A bit, I lost track out there, I should have take a grip on my anger.”

“You should have, I don’t know what might happen if the bouncer doesn’t come.”

He laugh “hehehe, there must be chaos by now”

“I agree with that…” She too laugh, Althea looked around, the stage caught her attention,, god she wants to dance, its been long since the last night she took the stage, and now, she want to grab the chance, to shake her booty, to reveal the real her. “You want to dance?” She asked him, still hearing the tempting beat of disco music

He looked at her with a meaningful look “Are you sure you want to dance with me?” She nod and with that he grabbed her on the center of the stage. There they dance like there’s no tomorrow, like no one is watching, like they own each other, she was looking directly into his eyes while she’s dancing her sexy move. She was swaying her hips down, this move calls the attention of some malicious guy around them. slowly they were facing her, then all of a sudden Jhenrick grabbed her waist closer, making her lean on him, then he whispered on  her ear

“Stop doing that, you’re already sexy, your calling too much attention”

She attempt to escape from his arm but then he did not allow her “what are you doing?”

“It would be better to dance like this than seeing you surrounded by guys while dancing”

“it appears to me that you’re jelly”

He whisper on her ear with a sweet tone “I do,,, you promise to dance only with me”

She look to him and then pinned his nose “I do,,, that’s why I’m with you”

From a disco one, the music turned to sweet. Althea put her hands around his neck, then his hand on her waist.

“You know what, I guessed I like you.” He blurted out

“And I like myself too…” She replied

“O c’mon I’m serious here….”

She laugh naughtily “hehehe, it doesn’t sounds like it to me…” She let go from him, then walks toward their seat.

“Look am serious, if you think like I’m playing, well am not… ”he sat down beside her

“I hate playboys,,, and I can smell it on you”

“okay I admit it, I was before, but I’m really serious now,  Just give me chance”

“Can you stand me? Can you stand my attitude, my naughtiness…” Silence “…and what if I tell you that I’m a player too,,, and I take revenge on whoever hurts me…”

Jhenrick suddenly became quite, as if internalizing what she said “Then let me tame you… Let put it this way, let’s make a love contract, andlet’s try for one month if it doesn’t work thenlet’s be friend…. So what can you say?”

“Let me think about it first, give me a week to think over it,,,” her face became serious “…I want to have a serious relationship, I’m tired of playing around,,,” she look at him “and if your only playing with me, got to stop it, now”

“Okay, I’ll wait for your reply,,,” he took her hand “I assure you, You’ll never get hurt.’

It was already 3 o’clock in the morning when they decided to stepped out of the bar.  They were on his car, listening to a good mellow music. It was already late she think but she doesn’t want to end up the night just like this, she actually likes her from the moment she first saw him, she just want to make a little,  ‘get me if you want me’ drama. while she was relaxing on her seat, Jhenrick on the other hand was looking outside the window as if thinking, and it was a very deep one, she can’t figured out what it is, but she can sensed that it has something to do with them, with both of them.

“So, where else do you want to go, ahmm what else do you want to do?” Jhenrick asked out no where. Althea just stare at him with a ‘what the’ expression “Don’t put any bad meaning to what I said, I mean if you want to relax in a place where it is cold,  serene, quite and with dim light…” again she just looked at him, she want to laugh because she can see that he’s very tense and she wasn’t born yesterday to get what he want to imply. He hit his forehead “OH MY! what am I saying, forget it…”

She stopped his hand from hitting his self again “Don’t do it again, don’t hurt yourself,,, yes I want to go somewhere else…” she said in a sly. she held out her hand “Give me your keys and I’ll drive thru…” then she smile.

He followed as what she said, he gave her his keys and let her take control of the wheel, he found his self excited and thinking what would be the place, could it be that she’s thinking of the same thing as he is, he grin then suddenly he shook his head it couldn’t be, he might be assuming and it’s not good. They passed by an IN, Althea glance at him without him noticing it, the disappointment in his face makes a smile on her face,  Took a straight path, turn on the corner of the school then stopped at the park. she glance at the park from the window shield, it was so quite, a perfect place to do it. She stepped out of the car, held her arms wide and took a deep breath.

“Here we are…”

‘At the park? Are you sure?” he queried,,, he looked around “Well, There’s no one here.” he stepped toward her, he faced her, touched her face, her hair then caressed her neck. She did nothing she just stare at him while smiling. then when he was about to bend his face towards her she spoke.

“yeah, It’s a perfect place to talk, to chit chat,,, we can sincerely talk here, without any one around us.

With her word he immediately take off his hands on her neck, as if embarrassed of what he did, how could he think that this girl would think about that, how could he think that he can make her made love with him after at the bar, ahhh men, This is so embarrassing… he utter within his self. He sat on the swing.

“Talk, just talk, yeah..” he said smiling.

She follow him and sat on the other swing beside him “yeap, why, are you thinking of anything else?” he shook his head “Ahhh, so, tell me anything about you, I mean you and your family, your hobbies, your school,,, anything…”

“Woah, am I writing on a slum note?”  he joked

“not really just want to know you.”

“Hmmm, want to know me huh,,, well am an only child, my parents are both business minded, we have a resort and hotel at Cebu, I finished my managerial degree at Ateneo and am planning to take law,…” he keep silent for a while “hmm, what else,,, i admit it am a bit playful, I love girls, I love playing around, but I also want a serious relationship and I want that to happen with you. I want to control you, I want to own you…”

Althea took a deep breath “that was straight, and do you think you can get me with your lines?”

“Well, no girls could say no to me and I won’t take no as an answer as well…” he grin “You tell me about yourself too”

“Hmm, an only child, I own a boutique, a nurse at medical city, graduated at FEU, my dad has a business, it’s an automotive one, my mom has a sari-sari store, just to keep herself from getting bored.”

“Wow, got a boutique huh, an artist I must say, can I visit your shop sometime?”

she pushed herself to swing “Sure no problem…”

They talk until sunrise, they didn’t notice the sun’s coming out, all they knew that they were happy with each others company, that it feels good to by each others side. she doesn’t feel exhaustive nor boredom.  He decided to bring her home, that date ended with a kissed, which indicates a perfect beginning.



Chapter IV

Propose73411Althea was sitting on her chair at the boutique, with her pencil and paper in-front of her. She was on her Office: The Atelier boutique, she was on a vacation from being a nurse, but here she was sitting on her office and sketching a new designs of dresses. Suddenly Jhenrick enters her mind, she can still clearly recall the night he asked her to be his girl. It was already the 3rd day after that night but hes not interacting with her, he’s not making any move to contact her. Maybe he just asked her out of the liquor’s spirit. But what if he’s really serious, she asked herself. And besides he doesn’t have my number, so he can’t really contact me. She shifted position. But if he really want there’s always a way, she think continuously. She lean her back and make a big sigh.

“What’s with the sigh?” Laila who by that time is already standing in front of her with her arm’s crossed.

“Laila!” She blurted out. She was shocked to see her. She hadn’t inform her of her coming. And she’s too busy internalizing things to noticed her appearance. Laila sat down on the chair in front of her.

“Are you that tightly attached to your momentum that you haven’t noticed my appearance?” She greeted with sarcasm. She down on the table the cake she brought at the Red Ribbons. Her friend Althea loves cakes so much, that’s why when she passed the shop she decided to buy one.

“Well, a bit, Friend I’m a bit disturbed.” She glance at the box in front of her “Wow, am I seeing a real box of a cake there?” she pointed out “Is that for me?”

“Yeah, I can clearly see…” She faced her then push the box a little, offering it to her “yeah that one was for you” Althea put up her phone then calls her secretary. Not a moment later the secretary enters the room

“Kindly arrange the cake, give a slice each, then you can have too if you want.” with that the secretary left.

“…Is it because of my cousin?” Laila continued

“Ahm, yes,,,I guess I like him…” She blushed “…I mean, he’s handsome, kind, sweet and protective… All the characteristic of a guy that I adore was on him.”

Laila just nod “But would that be enough for you to love him?” Silence “I mean, your hoping to find a lasting relationship right? Would it be him?” She crossed her legs “…Honestly speaking knowing my cousin, he’s the type of guy that wouldn’t last in to a relationship, one month was his maximum, but who knows maybe your the girl that will make him change…”

The secretary return with the slices of the cake and 2 glass of juice

“And he’s the guy that will tame me…” Althea grin

“That’s another story,,, ”she smiled  “And knowing you, would you behave the way you should be?”

“Well, Nobody Knows…” Then she grin.

Yeah, her best friend was right, she’s a bit naughty and playful, and she admits it, can she really be serious about him or it’s just another fling. She’s been with so many guys back in college and in her 3rd and 4th year in high school, If she likes a guy she’ll give her a chance but then again one week would be enough to break that guys heart,  she easily lost this spark that she feels at the first sight, and that’s it, she’ll break up with that guy. She used to drink, flirt around and even enter an affair. What she wants, she gets. With Jhenrick, she doesn’t know. She found him striking and thrilling wanting her to be his girl, or maybe she just saw herself in him. He’s naughty like her and secretively daring. Would the spark that she feels will also fade away in one weeks due,,, well nobody can tell, not unless she tries to be with him.

Althea stands up suddenly “come on, let’s hang out somewhere else,,,,” she gets her bag “… I want to go malling.”

“Sure, That’s the exact reason why am here…”

“Anyway, how do you find my cousin?” Laila asked while scanning a series of dresses.

“Well, he’s thrilling, cool and sexy..” She answered after stepping out of the fitting room “how do you find this one?” She asked her while looking to her own reflection on the mirror.

Laila gave a two thumb’s up sign “Look’s like your interested with him”

“And he’s interested with me too…’ She smile then glance to her.”

She smiled back “By the way, I’ve texted him, inviting him to come here…”

“What did he say?” Althea asked while her changing clothes inside the fitting room

“He’ll follow. He just need to go somewhere else.”

“Hmm, I see…” She said with a tone of disappointment.

They walked to the counter and pay for the clothes bill. Althea was thinking if where is he going or maybe much right to say, to whom he is going. She hate it but she have to admit she feel a tinged of pain somewhere inside her. She wants to asked more detailabout him to Laila, but she just can’t her ego pulling her back from doing it. She doesn’t want to look like she’s desperate to have someone on her side. But sheadmits it, she really do like this guy and she’s ready to entrust her heart to him, and to trust his whole being.

They just step out of the shop when they saw Jhenrick arriving and approaching their direction. With him was his serene and wide smile, he’s walking like he’s surrounded with air, he’s aura calls the attention of girls, gays and even guys whom he’s passes by. He made the girls go giggle. But it seems like he doesn’t noticed them, he’s looking directly on her, as if telling her, be patient darling I’m coming.

“Looks like he cancel his appointment to see you…” Laila whispers to her.

“Hi! How are you?” He greeted her. He glance to the paper bags carrying her newly bought dress “Look’s like your done shopping”

“Honestly speaking we just done buying clothes,,,” she smile “you’re a bit late

“But not too late for a dessert, right?” He invited her.

“No, you too, go and enjoy each one’s company,…” Laila entered the conversation    ‘And I need to go now,,, I remember that I have meeting by now,,”

“But Laila….” She was about to stop her.

“It’s okay, I really need to go, See you later friend….” She waved good bye then left.

Althea and Jhenrick caught each others eyes, they look to each other, as if asking: what now? Sensing who will make the first move, who will asked first. As if reading each others mind, they begun to laugh.

“We looks like a totally asshole, looking at each other like that…” He blurted out

“Yeah, yeah,,, I know the feeling, so what now?” She replied

“Hmm, can you accompany me to buy new clothes?” He grabbed the paper bag

She’s holding “according to my cousin your good when it comes to fashion, I guess I need your advice”

She looked at him with a query look “Advised?” She assesses him head to toe to head “Are you serious?”

He laugh “ hahaha, why do you always think that I’m joking”

“Cause you asked things out of blue.” They started walking

“And it seems like your always shocked” he teased him “I just realized now that you’re always lost your shield when your with me.”

She suddenly looked at him with awe. What do this guy think about himself a god, how boastful he is, but then still she’s liking it, forcing her to her limit, wanting her to answer him back. “Yes my lord, cause your totally in control of me,,,”

They turn right at the corner end of the mall “Don’t joke like that I might believe you…”

“Then believe as you wished…”

“Would I take that as a ‘YES’ answer” he continued. He’s making his move now, if she’s not smart enough to noticed that his using his technique: the ninja move, or with just a wrong answer she’ll be his girl

“…Hmmm,,, yes…”  She keep silent for a while, then suddenly she spoke up as if realizing what she just said “…wait! Yes to what question?”

He grin “ I caught you there, at last you already answered me ‘YES’…” He took her hand and kissed it “you’re mine now…”

“W-wait, you tricked me,,,” she said smiling, then she punch him on the arm

“You already answered me ‘YES’… “ He moved his pointing finger sidewards “…No turning back,,,”

She smiled again, then she pinned his nose “you  ninja me,,, I should be angry by now yet I found it cute and irresistible. Wanting me to be your girl.”

He smiled back “Just be mine honey,,, I’ll take care of you and your heart.”


Chapter V

couple-in-love-wallpaper--beautifulShe was still in ecstasy of yesterdays evening happening, she couldn’t believed it that she, the girl who used to play around, who’s veteran in using techniques to get what she wants was tricked by that Jhenrick guy. She can’t believed it that there’s still someone out there that can over power her. Maybe she thinks too much about herself, that she can’t be controlled by anybody. She smiled thinking on how can this guy affect her, on how can he manipulate her with his words, she knows it was dangerous yet she’s loving it. He was like a Valium to her that makes her asked for more.  She was still giggling when she finished informing Laila of what had happened yesterday.

“You mean, you’re already his girlfriend?” She asked in shocked. She nod.

“Yeah, I don’t know but there’s something in him that makes me wanna be his girlfriend, there’s something extraordinary, it makes me commit myself to him, I couldn’t understand but I can’t resist him.” She explained.

“Friend, beware, he’s my cousin but I’m telling you this, don’t give 100% love, retain something for yourself, love yourself more than him,,,” she crossed her legs “I’m saying this because I know my cousin, I hope you would be the one that can able to changed him, and so as he to you”

Althea keep quite for a moment, well her friend was right, she need to love herself first, and she shouldn’t  give a 100% love, because sometimes even if a guy tells you that he’s serious with you, still it’s not an assurance that he won’t look for another woman. Knowing him, his identity, the things he can do, she should be frightened by now, she should be very careful with her heart, yet she’s also lax because she knows that he would do nothing to hurt her, that’s what her heart and mind tells her. She just need to trust him.

“I know he’s capable of doing that, but still I believe him when he says that he wont hurt me, I’m holding to that word which comes out from his mouth, I know he’ll do nothing to hurt me.” Althea replied with a serious tone.

Althea was lying on the bed, hugging her pillow. It’s already 12 in the midnight but still she couldn’t sleep. What Laila said was still on her mind, she knows what Jhenrick can do, she know’s that he’s capable of playing and flirting with so many women, but still her trust for her was so strong that it can’t be break. She glanced to the wall clock, it’s already past 12,  wait he doesn’t me for the whole day, she told herself. What happened to him. She was in the middle of thinking when she hear the beep of her phone, it’s a message from Jhenrick, she smiled and opened it.

–Hi hon, my apology for the late message. I love you.–

–you got me worried, what happened to you?– she texted back. After a minute it beep again. She turned to her side and with glee she opened it again.

–I just got my load, sorry for making you worried,,, why your still up? Waiting for my text?–

–No… I’m texting somebody else…hehehe– she teased him, then she put a smiley at last part of the message. It took several minutes before her phone beep again, suddenly she sat up, excited to see how he reacts.

–hehehe, that was good,…I’m already in my bed with someone else and she’s sleeping like an angel…– Upon reading this her temper got lost. She knows that it’s just a joke but she couldn’t understand, she’s firing with anger right now, she wants to drive to his place and see for herself if it’s real or what. She pampered herself and took a deep breath. She refrain from texting, she’s shaking in anger.

–Hey…it was just a joke,, Love you hon…– Joke? She tells herself, it’s not a funny,,, damn him. She keep quite, then a thought enters her mind, joke huh, then I’ll ride around, let’s see you’ll give up

–Who’s this? Althea was in the bathroom.– It only took 2 minutes before her phone rang. At first, she doesn’t answered it, thinking that he might need a lesson to learn. Then it rang again, there she pick it up.

“Hello?” She asked out

“Where were you?” He answered with anger on his tone

“I’m at my bedroom, why?” She replied

“With whom?”

She smiled, it’s working she thought “I’m alone.”

“Alone?,,, Are you sure?” He questioned her.


“Then who texted me that your at the bathroom?” Silence “Althea, don’t fool around with me, you know me, what is mine is only mine…”

“Hehehe, it was me, I don’t like you joke that’s why I joke back. Do you like it?”

“It’s not a good joke, don’t try doing that again…” He told her  a bit annoyed

“And you’re free to joke like that?” She come closer to the window

“Okey, okey,,, It’s my fault I’m sorry, but your the first who joked right, you told me your texting somebody else, it hurts me.”

She touched the window then answered “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“I love you so much hon, I don’t know what to do without you…”

“I love you too,,,” she returned to her bed and lye there, like a teenager talking to her crush.

“By the way hon,” Jhenrick added “I’m going to the province tomorrow, I’ll be there for a month or two”

“For what reason?”

“There’s something need to be done, It’s a family business hon,,, you can come if you want”

“I need to finished some work at the hospital first, then if my vacation is already approved I’ll follow you there, would that be fine?”

“Yeah, would it take long?”

“Hmmm” thinking, as if calculating it “A week I guess”

“I’ll wait for you, loved you…”

“Love you too, hon, let’s sleep now, I’m freak’n tired.”

“Okay, I love you so much…mwuahhh”

“I love you more…mwuahhh!” With that she turned off the phone.

She lied down there for a couple of minutes, imagining Jhenrick’s face,,, then slowly her eyelids falls down and put her into deep sleep.



Chapter VI

cheatingIt’s been two weeks now, since the day Jhenrick left. Althea became busy with her work at the hospital and so as he.  She often text and call him, but if she have a free time she makes sure that she’ll contact him. On the first week of his stay at Cebu, where their hacienda was located, every thing went fine, even though she often contact him, Jhenrick makes sure that he’ll never lose communication with her. He sent messages to her informing her of what he’s doing and where he is. On the second week the problem exist, he’s not texting her, not even a call, but still she does believe him, that he’s faithful to her.

It was a very busy day for her, a lot of paper works need to be done, she also needs to make around per shift, she had done the morning shift round, all she need to finish was the afternoon shift round. She was lucky for she doesn’t have a toxic patient, all of them were near cured clients. She looked at the clock, it’s already 11:30 and yet here she was still busy with her paper works, it was actually a research need to be done so she can uplift her position in the hospital. She was fixing it when her co-nurse approach her.

“Hey gurl, your vacation has been signed already. And your friend calls you, just answer it, she’s on the other line.”

Althea smiled, then picked up the phone “yes, hello, Laila how are you?”

“Im fine, I Should be the one asking you that…anyway do you know that my cousin was in Cebu right now?” she answered back, she can hear the clitches of althea’s papers making her think that she’s doing her research.

Althea stands up and took the papers on the shelve “Yeah, I knew it,,, Why?” She sat down again “he informed me about it, he told me that he needs to help in their Hacienda.”

“Yeah that’s right he supposed to be there for that reason, but every time he’s being called there, he doesn’t helped them, all he did was to have fun.

Althea put down the papers “Why are you telling me this?”

“Nothing, I just want to informed you, check him out,,, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Okay, i’ll call him later.” He returned to her seat

“Are you on your Research again?” she manage to change the topic.

“Yeah, and I’m nearly done” she said with ‘proud of myself’ tone.

“That was good then, I thought you need my help to finish that,,,” she laugh a little.

“hehehe, anyway I’ll call you later, I’ll do my rounds first.” she bade her goodbye.

“Okay, no problem.” then both of them put down the phone

After her work load, she went to inasal and take out a dinner then directly went home. She wants to take her rest. At last her work was already finished and her vacation was already approved. She can now follow her boyfriend at Cebu.

complicated-relationshipWhen she arrived home she prepare her food, play a song and sat at the sofa to take a rest and eat as well. She lay her back on the chair, and do some stretching. She took her phone and look at it, it’s already seven in the evening but still no message coming from Jhenrick It returned to her mind the things that her friend Laila told her, she shook her head and tell herself that Jhenrick wont do that, that she knows how loyal he is  to her. She doesn’t know why, she couldn’t understand but though she’s keeping herself that he wont do that to her, there’s something inside her that there’s something wrong, something’s happening and she couldn’t figure it out, she doesn’t want to accept it but she’s worrying or more better to say, she’s nervous, afraid of something that she doesn’t know of the truth that might hurt her. she took a sip of Iced tea that she made, then she reached her cell phone, unlocked it and went to write message and started to text.

–Hon, I’m starting to get worried, you haven’t text the whole day, wondering what had happen to you. Text back when you read this. I love you,,, ;-p —

A couple of minutes have past but still no reply. She stand up then went at the comfort room. When she return there’s 2 miss call from Jhenrick. She released a smile, then take her seat. She open the television, suddenly her phone rang again, it was him, she answered it.

“Hello…” She speak up. “How are you hon?”

“Yes, hello…” It’s a voice of a girl, so calm and beautiful. Althea started to feel awkward, she sensedsomething was wrong, why does this girl using her boyfriends phone and why does she call her. “…hello?” she repeated

“Y-yes? Where is Jhenrick?” She cool down

“He’s here sitting, facing me…” Silence “Ahmmm, are you Althea?”

“Yes, Why, can I do anything for you?” She answer

“Can I ask you one question?” She asked back

“Sure, what is it, “ she started to feel tense

“What are you to Jhenrick?” Silence “I want an honest answer”

“I’m his girlfriend….”she swallowed “And you?”

“You’re his girlfriend?” She repeat, as if crying “I’m his girlfriend too…for how long?”

“For almost a month and a half…that was funny ain’t it?”

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I read your message, the one with  the word hon, I became curious and want to know the truth. I don’t want someone using me,,,”

“Is that so, how long you’ve been with him?” Althea asked back

“We’ve been together for almost two weeks now.”

“ two weeks?” She think, how come, he just leave two weeks ago, so it mean’s he’s fooling her. “Wow, he leave because he told me that he need to attend on their business matter.”

“ No, he went here to see me,,, he texted me 2 weeks ago that he want to meet personally, I told him that if he want he should went here”

“Really?, I’m happy for you….”

“I don’t want chaos here, I just want a smooth flow of conversation. He was sitting, facing me and he’s denying that he knows you, that you’re he’s girlfriend, I don’t know what to do and whom to believe”

“I understand,,,I can’t believed it, I shouldn’t have believed him.” She told her with a tone of anger in her voice “Really he told you that, how liar he was, he do knew me, I’m his cousin’s friend, I’m telling the truth, now if you’ll believe me or not it’s up to you,  tell him that don’t dare come and see me if he does I don’t know what I might say or do to him, I’ve wasted my time on him, to a person who’s not worthy of my attention.”

‘He told me that he doesn’t know you.” Silence “But I do believe you, I’ll give you time to talk to him.” the girl was really crying now, you can hear from her voice a tinged of sob. And Althea can  imagine that she was looking at him, with those situation how can he handle it.

“No, I don’t wanna talk to him, tell him that we’re through. ”With that her phone turned off. It went black need to charged it, but she doesn’t have the strength to move, she trusted him so much that she doesn’t even listen to her friend, that  she entrusted him with her trust and loyalty but then again he fooled her, how dare him  do that to her. Her phone was ringing, but she’s not in the mood to answer it. She plunge herself in to the pillow, suddenly his face enters her mind, she can’t think. She imagine them talking, she imagine the crying lady talking to him in her most calm way, asking why, asking him if it’s true, giving him time to explain, then at the end she can see that they’re okay again, she have forgiven him, and where is she in the situation? At the back crying looking at them, asking why she, did she done something bad in her life to be hurt like this. she’s been a good daughter, a good friend, a good person,. Is this meant to be happening, is destined to get hurt, is she destined to knew him and be hurt by him? A lot of queries enters her mind, a river of tears flowing down from her eyes. she’s hyperventilating, she couldn’t breath easily, and tears continuously flowing down from those beautiful eyes. She shouldn’t have trusted him. She shouldn’t have love him, but what else can she do, damage has been done, and she doesn’t need to hear his explanation. She doesn’t want to hear another lie. She can’t forgive him for using her. And she can’t accept it she need to take revenge, he deserved to give lesson he can’t forget. She wont allow him, to just leave like that. It hurts her, so much, her pain was for real, it’s like you’ve been wounded several times, it’s like you’re running out of breath, it’s like you wouldn’t be happy for life time, it’s like you’re a living dead. Then tears started to flow down from her eyes, she wants to stop it, but she couldn’t, As if it will flow down there forever. Her surrounding suddenly turned pale, as if it became darker,  she can’t hear anything, Silence invades her, it was very lonely, like no one cares for her, like nobody can heal this unrecognized, undetectable disease that she just inhibit. Illness that brought by knowing, trusting and loving Jhenrick. She lie on the sofa, hugged the pillow and cried herself to sleep.



Chapter VII

Jet-Charter-Flights-to-Florida-topAlthea gathered up all her belongings, she booked a flight going to palawan. She decided to take her rest at their hacienda at Palawan. There she could rest and forget everything, she could find someone and maybe use him for revenge or she could plot her plan there, so when she return to manila, all she have to do is to put it in action. At palawan, she’ll make sure that he wont spoil her day. She’’ll make it to the point that her stay there will be use wisely. She went downstairs and put all her stuffs at her car. Then her phone rang, it was Laila on the other line

“Yes?,,, what can I do for you?” She greeted her

“I heard you were going to palawan, is it true?”

“Yeap, why?” Silence “Is this because of your cousin why you call so sudden?”

“No I just want to hear anything from you, I’ve been missing you.” Laila told her with sincerity on her tone.

“miss you too.” she sat on the driver’s seat “Hey, what if you come with me, I’ll fetch you at your place, and besides you don’t have work, right?”

“Sure! I’ll wait you…” silence “Honestly speaking, I’m already packed up, just waiting for your invite.”

“Okay, I’ll be there after 20 minutes” she start up the engine, then roll down her car, and lastly she turned on her mp3 and keep moving. Damn!!! she buffer, she forgot that all the songs on her mp3 was love songs, she was now listening to ‘Love the Way you LIE’, of all music. It seems like faith was playing her. She remember him, LIER… she shout out thru her mind. He turned at corner, next street would be Laila’s place. She arrived there less than 20 minutes. She buzz, then after a couple of minutes, Laila came out of the door carrying her travel bag and her wide smile. She approached the car excitedly. She opened the door and sat down beside the driver’s seat.

“So how’s your day?” she greets Althea

“A bit fine, I’m okay now,,,” Althea start up the engine “…and you? what you doing for living now?”

“Oh, I’m fine, I’m busy with my business, the ‘coffiana’ was on its peak, a lot of people loves my cakes and coffee”

“We’ll, even I, loves it. Anyway thanks for coming with me, I’ll make sure that we’ll have great fun there.” then she smile.

The sun was already spreading it’s last rays of light when they arrived at the Palawan’s airport. At the entrance of it a man whose wearing a short and a loose t-shirt was waiting, he was slightly bald and might be on his late 40’s. When he saw the two lady’s he wave to them, then he approached them.

“Ms. Althea? is that you? I’m Poldo, your family’s house care taker, you might not remember me cause you’re too young when you saw me. ”

“Mang Poldo?” she asked in shock? “wow, you haven’t change still kind and all, how ‘s life here?”

Mang poldo took their bags and asst. them to the car “Mam life was the same as before, harvesting and taking care of everything, for me it’s the most wonderful life ever.” Mangpoldo start up the engine, and started to run the car.

Mang poldo was right she was still young the last time she visits here, as far as she can remember she was 9 yrs old by  that time, and she never did anything except from playing. Run here, run there, and with herwas Jaynard. But now she went here withouthim. Awww she misses him, their memories remain here and that will reminds her of him. She glance at the window, there she saw the different kind of fruited trees. She can still remember the way Jaynard climbed those trees, the way he smiled to her when he’s up there, she gave a sigh, awww she misses her childhood days whee everything was not complicated, where she can have everything she want with just a snap of her hand. Her childhood life so CARELESS, so CAREFREE….

Mang Poldo step on the clutch “where here mam.”

Althea step out of the car and stretched her arm,,,” wow it’ feels good to be here ”

“yeah, the air here was fresh, unlike in Manila” Laila added up

670px-Tell-a-Female-Best-Friend-You've-Developed-Feelings-for-Her-Step-3They started to walk towards the door. Mang Poldo open the door for them. Still nothing has changed. The oldness and uniqueness of the house was remained, you can see from every corner that it was carefully taking cared of. it was neat and clean. They went to their own rooms to fixed their things. Althea remained standing for a couple of minute as if criticizing the room. Nothing has changed, it’s still her room, the aura that it gave her make her reminisce. this is the exact room, where he used to play with Jaynard. She was smiling when someone entered her room, she turned around to face whoever that is, but then to her surprised she freeze, she couldn’t move,,, there she saw the person she longed to see, the person she have waited for so long, there standing in-front of her carrying his serene smile with his arms crossed, he was grinning as if teasing her. She run towards him and without second thought, she hugged him. Tears started to fall down from her cheeks. as if it has a life, she can’t stopped it. She misses him so much, she have waited for five years just to see him again, to talk to him personally, to hugged him and to tickle him. It’s an answered prayer, and she was very happy.

“Stop crying Thea, it doesn’t suites you” He said while caressing her hair.

She look at him then punch him on the shoulder “How dare you teased me, you’re the reason behind all of this.” she swallowed “you left me,,, and that kills me,,,”

He look at her eyes without blinking, he touched her cheek and caress it “I’m sorry, if you only knew that it kills me too, I almost lost myself, without you by my side,,, I can’t go on…”

She turned her back on him, then she sat down on the couch, she crossed her legs and so as her arms.

“Then why did you cut your only connection with me?” She asked  with a tone of anger.

“Don’t get mad, I decided to do that because I know that if I continue our contact then I might changed my mind and go back here. I’m almost out of myself thinking ’bout you.” he approached her, he kneel in front of her, grabbed her hand and while looking directly into her eyes he apologized “I’m very sorry, I didn’t meant to do it.”

“But you did…” she answered while crying

“If I doesn’t, then I wont be an engineer, I wont have the guts to face you and your parents,,,” hehugged her again “I did it so that I wont be embarrass to you and your family, so I can say that I can stand on  my own and with that I could be able to protect  you more.” he caress her hair “I’m really sorry, I promise I won’t leave you again.” He made her face him, “I missed you so much.” Then he kissed her on the forehead

Althea woke up early the next day, she prepare their breakfast, she cooked ham, hotdog, egg, fried rice, she made a pineapple juice, and a coffee for three. She fixed the table, making it glamorous and elegant looking, with a flower in the middle of it. The sun was already up when Laila went into the dinning hall, there she saw Althea fixing everything.

“Good morning, why you’re up so early?” She greeted her

“Nothing, I just want to cook breakfast for us,,, for three of us”

Three of us?” She repeat with an eyebrow raised

Althea was about to answer when Jaynard enter the dinning hall. He was wearing his pajama and sando “I smell the deliciousness of the food you cooked,,,”

“Jay..” She approach him immediately and made him sat on the chair  “I made this especially for you, hope you’ll like it.   “ after saying those words she face Laila “by the way Laila this is Jaynard my best friend he just returned from USA,,,Jay this is Laila a very close friend of mine. C’mon lets all eat”

She make them sat on their chairs then serve them the foods with glee. She never been happy in her life, not until this very moment, it was like she’s dreaming, like she’s floating. She look at Jaynard, he smiled, she smile back. They were like a real couple, a newly wed one. She sat on her seat and started to eat too.

“So what’s your plan for today?” Jaynard asked them

“Hmmm, to be honest I really dont have any plan, can you suggest anything?” Althea answered.

“What if let’s make a tour at the Hacienda, so that you’re friend will see the beauty of this place.” He look at Laila.

“I agree with that…” She look at Laila, who’s by that time was just looking at them “Whatever goes…”

“You know what, ones you see the whole place, you’ll love it here” he explained to her.

Althea just nod as a sign of agreeing.

After the breakfast, althea just took a rest, then after a while she started making their foods for lunch. They agree to have lunch outside the house, a picnic lunch they call it. She carefully think of the foods to bring. It should be delicious, and would make them crave for more, and of course it should fit the satiety of Jaynard. All the foods she prepare will surely pass the taste buds of her best friend, for all of it was his favorite: lasagna, afritada, hamonado, meat balls and leche plan. She also make a mango juice as a refreshments.

670px-Be-a-Good-Friend-to-a-Guy-Step-8-Version-2The sun was on it’s peak when they decided to take their tour at the Hacienda. Hotness of the sunwon’t reached their skin for there are tree’s that will serve as shield. They ride the tractor first then when they reached the mango field  they stepped out of it, and started their walk. The field was filled of mangoes, ripe or unripe, indian, carabao  and the yellow one was there. It was nearly lunch and the sun was releasing it’s hottest ray, but thanks to the tree for it catches it all. You can also feel the breeze of the blowing wind, so different from the wind that you can feel when you’re in Manila. It was fresh and cold, and very inviting. Jaynard smile, this makes Althea faced him.

“Why you’re smiling?” She wondered

“Nothing just remember old event’s, especially when you made me climbed up that tree…”

“You still remember that?”

“How can I forget,… Anyway, let me climbed  that up again, I’ll get you guys  mangoes”

“Sure!!! We’ll love that!” Laila suddenly agreed

He climbed the tree without second thought, the mangoes are big and was already ripe, it smell good, then he smiled thinking that the two ladies will love this for sure, imagining their faces as they eat it excitingly made him loose control and nearly loose his grip, this made Althea shout.

“Jay, are you okey?” She worried. Jaynard nod “Be careful, okay?”

Jaynard reached for the first big ripe mango that he saw, while two ladies, catches it like an excited child . After a couple of minute they have gathered six ripped mangoes.

“Is that enough for you girls?” He asked while going down the tree

“Yeap..” Laila, said while Althea nod.

They returned to the place where their car was parked, then Laila helped Althea to prepare their picnic ground, then one by one they settled the foods. And finally they called for Jaynard to eat. Upon seeing all his favorite foods, he grabbed it one by one and eat it like a  child.

“Wow, I missed this!” He exclaimed

“Eat as long as you want, I prepared all of that for you,” she glance at Laila “dont be jealous It’s for you, too.”

Then they eat happily. Althea was very happy that she doesn’t know where to put it. She never been this before, She never regret going here, now she believed them when they told her that she’s good at decision making. Yes she lost a loved one, but then again another one returned., But still there’s a place in her heart that she know, that will only be touched by Jhenrick. She thought of him for that moment wondering what might he’s doing. Thinking and asking herself why he do that to her.If she’s going to see him, she doesn’t know what might she’ll do to him. She then again look at Jaynard, so lucky that she still have Jaynard on her side, with that she’ll be contented and happy.


Chapter IX

in-the-barThe pub was loaded of different girls, with different kind of beauties. All of them was so god damn hot, that every man couldn’t resist. With the  figure and wildness you’ll find yourself desiring for  more. But still Jhenrick couldn’t understand, he was surrounded with those beauties and with just a snap of his hand he could have them all, but there’s something inside him that is looking for something else, or much better to say someone else. He couldn’t understand but he’s missing Althea, he’s bewildered by her, she captures him, she’s like a marijuana that makes him go high. A valium that makes him depressed  when she’s not within his sight. She’s like a gig that makes him go crazy. It is only now that he realized that nothing or no one can compare to her, so simple yet hottie. She had her own way of being wild. She doesn’t need to wear sexy dresses just to be hot or sexy in the eyes of people. Her aura tells it all.

After Melai found out that she’s just a concubine of him, she talked to him, he actually can monopolized her if she doesn’t thought of calling Althea and if Althea doesn’t tell the truth that her his girlfriend.  At the end  he lost both of them. He tries to go back to her but she refused him, what happened to her he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t even care. His priority now was to talk and fix everything between him and Althea. People might say that he was just finding someone to be his girl, that he can’t live without a girl in her side, but his feeling for Althea was for real, he loves her so much now, he just realized that he’s goddamn dumb to cheat on her, she who loves him most and trusted him so much. He’ll do everything to win her back.

The girl beside him started to make her move since it seems like she doesn’t exist for him, she started kissing his neck, to his own shock, he stopped her.

“What?” The girl asked disappointingly

“Sorry, I’m not in the mood for this…” He keep quite for a while “I’m thinking about my girl, we have a small problem, and I’m thinking of fixing it.”

The girl crossed her arms “Then why flirt with me and bring me here on your couch,,, damn it! If your thinking ‘bout your girlfriend go and check her out!” With that the girl left.

I might have insulted her, but I can’t stand doing this again, I’m really thinking about her. I want her back, he told himself.

692f036a-be92-4c4c-a95f-0a91a44de937_163266954Althea was already lying on her bed, After a day of working at the farm and walking on the field at last she’ll take her rest. She’s done taking her bath and her before to sleep routine. even she wouldn’t sleep, It was too early for sleeping session and besides she’s texting with Jaynard, who’s by that time was only one door away from her room. She was like a high school student taking to her crush, like a teenager, giggling with excitement. She misses him so much and it made her happy that he’s back and with her again, though Jhenrick was gone, Jaynard was here to stay. She suddenly sat up when her phone beep again.

–Hi,,, how are you?–

The message came from a no name number, who might be this one, she asked herself then she replied

–I’m fine, who’s this,, may I know?”

Then after a couple of minute it beep again. After opening the message, her beat goes tachy, She can feel that her blood goes high, she feel a tinged of pain inside her, she couldn’t move, couldn’t think of the perfect word to reply, then she read it again

–It’s Jhenrick–

One by one she text back

–Oh…what do you need from me?–

I’m a bit okey now, then all of a sudden he’ll text me as if there’s nothing bad happen between us, she told herself. What else does he want from me, he already hurt me, he gets what he want, but then what now, what is he planning this time around.

Then it beep again, it was a message from her best friend Jaynard

–BC? What took you so long to reply?–

–sorry, just texted back my friend–

–A friend? Hmm, you made me think–


She found herself waiting for Jhenrick’s reply. She’s still eager to talked to him, eager to see him, she’s thinking of texting him when  her cell beep again.

–I’m sorry for what I did, forgive me, pls come back to me, let’s start all over again…–it was from Jhenrick

Start all over again, what does he think that she can forget what he did just like that. She texted back

–I have forgiven you, I’m not mad at you, I’m angry of what you did, going back to you? It wont happen again. Let’s stay as friends–

–why? Doesn’t you love me anymore?–

–don’t asked me about my feelings, cause you really doesn’t know what real love was. And do you think I’ll go back to you after what you did?–

–I’ll still love you and I’ll die without you…–

–Go die now–

He texted back again but she doesn’t open it for she knows that if she keep talking with him, she might fall down her grip and might accept him again. She  doesn’t love him anymore, but still she found it thrilling, talking with him. She got a plan, she’ll accept and hurt him as well, she’ll introduce him to the old  she. She’ll make sure that he’ll regret the day  he returned to her. That he’ll regret meeting her, and he’ll even curse her.

She closed  her eyes remembering the things that he did to her, all the heartbreaks that he gave her, all the lies that he told her., the faked sweetness that he showed  her. She realized how blinded she was by his sweet talks and moves that she doesn’t figured out all of this. Now she won’t allow him to repeat all of those, she won’t lend him his precious heart, she won’t surrender again, not this time.

Jaynard was on his room, he was facing his computer and surfing the net, beside him was his cell phone, he’s browsing the face book account of his best friend Altheaupon looking at her pictures he realized how beautiful and attractive she was, that he was so lucky that he doesn’t have any commitment right now, that she accept him the way she used to. He reached for his phone and stare at it, still no message coming from her, 20 minutes had pass and there’s no reply, what might she doing right now that she  couldnt text him back. he starts to think paranoid, what if she’s texting her ex now and their fixing their problem then she accepted him again, were would he place himself on the seen, he will not allow him to get her from him, it couldn’t happen that they’ll be together again, he’ll do everything to stop that from happening. he have wasted so many times that he should be with her, times that he should asked her out and made her his lady. He has sacrifice too much and seeing her in the arms of other guy would mean killing himself. He stands up and walk through the door he was thinking of going to her room and check her out. He was hesitant to knock when the door flew open. There she saw Althea in her night dress, he was shocked seeing her in that outfit, Althea was shocked too seeing him standing in front of her door.

“Ahm, what are you doing here?” she asked shockingly

“Ahm,,, just checking  you out?” he looked on the other direction “you haven’t reply on my last text, you got me worried.”

“Sorry, I’m supposed to get a glass of water, you wanna come with me?”

“Sure,,, then let’s have a cup of coffee too…”

She nod. together they walked through the kitchen, Althea prepares her water and put it on the refrigirator, she’ll get it later, while Jaynard on the other hand make their coffee with milk. They passed by the sala, and went at the balcony, where you can see Althea’s piano. She walked through it, touched the edge of it, then sat at it’s chair, while Jaynard stayed on the piano’s side leaning on it.

“I remember when we were still young, we used to play the piano right?” He closed her eyes.

“yeah, I played it then you’ll sang together with the music.” she sighed “I missed those days, I wish I can go back to those times,,,”

“Why go back if we can do it now,,,” he smiled.

Althea begun to touch the key boards of the piano, finding the feeling that she felt before, the first time that she touched it. It was the same feeling, encouraging her, forcing her to play a piece of song. She hit the first high note, then the next one, then she hits every notes that she can see on the board, Jaynard was just looking at her, testifying on how she’ll find her lost emblem for the piano. From a chaotic sound slowly it turns to more mellow and reality based sound. She played the song “walking in the rain”. Jaynard can feel the pain she was feeling, with every note she was hitting it leave a marked that can truly touched and cut your heart. she was hurting and it’s for real. she was hurting and he’s hurting too.

“Seem’s like I’m walking in the rain,

I found myself trying to washed away the pain,

‘Cause I need you to give me some shelter,

’cause I’m fading away…

And oh baby, I’m walking in the rain…”

After finishing the song tears started to flow down from her eyes, she couldn’t help it, but she’s really crying now, she felt the pain inside, the freaking pain who wants to get out side of her body. Why of all people and of all situation, it could happen in her room and alone, not with her moment with her best friend. She suddenly feel the warm arm of Jaynard hugging her from the back, he was so warm, so comfy, yet masculine, he was  holding here head straight so that she wouldn’t mind if he’s seeing her or not, then in a calm voice he said.

“If the pain was too heavy to carry, you can cry on baby, i’ll be at your side always, I wont leave you, don’t feel ashamed to cry it’s just me, because if your hurting I’m hurting too and twice as you are.

she hold his arms then cry as hard as she could, it’s really hard for her to do it, but now that Jaynard was with him, she know she’ll be okay, she’ll be fine, he wont leave her, and wont betray her. She cried like there’s no tomorrow. Out side the house it started raining as if mourning with her too,,, It hurts but it’s more easy to carry now, knowing that Jaynard was with her.


Chapter X

670px-Tell-a-Female-Best-Friend-You've-Developed-Feelings-for-Her-Step-2It was Saturday, and it’s the perfect time to visit downtown. To go to park and have a tour. There are so many tourist  spot at palawan and they should not forget to visits those spots. A cave located near their hacienda is one of the sample listed on her lists. She plan to bring Laila in one of the well known dinning resto in their town then next to that to jive with the music at the pubs there and of course to go  swimming on one of the white beech of the town. As of now  she’ll go with Jaynard to the  market. Jaynard also study cuisine in US and he wants to serve the ladies with one of his delicacies. He’ll cook for lunch today.

“Are you sure you doesn’t want to come with as?” Althea asked Laila for the second time.

“How many times you were born, I told yah, I don’t like market, I’ll feel good here and besides manang is here, I’ll chit chat with her so I wont get bored” Laila explained

“Okey, if that what you’ve said.” She sigh “What take home would you like?”

“Anything will do. You know my taste.”

She nod. Laila wave goodbye to the two of them, and with that  Jaynard step on the clutch.

On the way to the market, they passed by the lane of trees, she smiled, it’s beautiful in the eyes, it refreshes her, the mint green color of it reminds her  of her childhood, where there are no problem and their minds are still innocent with problem brought by the real world. She look at the sky, so wide, so carefree, so calm. It helps heal her bleeding heart.  They passed by the lake, the view made her straighten from her seat, she was so amazed to see the calmness of it, so inviting. An idea enters her mind, the lake would be a perfect place to relax, carry her notebook and write her novel, it will calm her mind and help her to think of a beautiful peace,  she can also get her subject  there and paint it as well, or she can swim on the lake or just listen to mellow  music. She smiled again. This time Jaynard noticed it.

“You keep on smiling,,, why is there something crossed your mind?” He asked her while driving. She nod “May I know it?” He asked again

“I just thought of things to do in the lake, then I realized there are a lot of things that’s fun to do there.”

“Things like what?”  A long silence “Inviting your boyfriend over?”

She was shocked by his replied how does he knew, men maybe Laila told her, she suddenly look at him

“With the look on your face, it shows that you’re shocked.” He took a sigh “Well I asked your Laila, she doesn’t want to tell me so I forced her,,,” he explained

“We just broke up  a month ago,,,” she smile “he  cheated on me,. And I cant accept it, “

They turned on the corner “then what’s your plan?”  He asked

She raised up her shoulder  “I don’t know,,,he stepped on my ego, I want to take revenge,. I want him to feel how  hurt I was, and how wrongful he was to hurt me, I’ll make him regret the day he meet me.”

Suddenly Jaynard stepped on the clutch to stop it “Are you insane? You know what don’t play with you’re heart, you’ll get hurt and I don’t want that to happen.” He caress her cheek “move on Thea I’ll help you out.”

I’m sorry Jay but I have decided, I wont fall again, I’ll hurt him the way he hurt me. She told her self in silence.  Jaynard continue to drive. When they arrived at the  market, he  escorted her out of the car. She smiled at him and like a child she wrap her arms around his arms, the way she did before. They we’re like couples, a newly wed one,  people around are looking at them and they were giggling as if someone was tickling them. Then they heard a lady telling her friend ‘they must be  a  newly wed. They looked good together, “ they smile at each other. They nod as if they were talking, as if saying that lets pretend that we are.

They went first to crab meats,  while Jaynard was busy criticizing the crabs, Althea on the other hand was very excited looking at them, they were walking and seems like they’re fighting.  He noticed her, then he put his arms around her shoulder.

“You seems very happy looking at them huh,”

“Yeah, they’re cute…look it seems like they’re fighting…so cute!!!”

“Okey we’ll buy that.” He turned to the vendor “excuse me manong, we’ll buy the two crabs, my wife wants them as a pet…”

“So you two just got married?” Manong said excitedly “Okey, okey you’ll give me good luck, i’ll give you discount for that.” Then he gets the two crab and put it on a plastic, then he gave it to him.

They left there with Jaynards arms still around her shoulder. She elbowed him and they both laugh. They also buy shrimp,  coconut juice and other stuff needed for his cooking.

It’s already 10:30 when they returned home, Althea first enters the house when she reached the sala, she froze suddenly, there  she saw, the most unwanted person in her life, the guys whom  she hates most  and the last person that she would like to see. Jhenrick, he’s sitting comfortably on the couch.

“What are you doing here?” She utter in a low voice. Laila enter  the sala with a juice, and shocked to see Althea looking to his cousin. Then not a moment later, Jaynard also enter the scene with a smile and  bags of goods they bought at the market.

Jhenrick  stands from his seat  then greeted Althea

“Hi, nice meeting you again, Thea”


Chapter XI

670px-Tell-if-Your-Best-Friend-Loves-You-Step-5Althea was sitting on the couch together with Jhenrick, while Jaynard was on the kitchen busy doing their lunch, but his mind was thinking all about her. She cannot relax with the situation, how can she be if the person beside her was the guy who hurt her the most and worst he’s asking for her forgiveness and wanting to win her again. There’s a long silence between them as if they reading each other and waiting for whoever speaks first. She look at him using the side of her eyes, he was still gorgeous and very appealing, she hears her heart beats faster, like a drum making it’s higher tone, like a wall clock ringing over and over in her ear, like a music she wants to repeat every minute, no doubt, still he’s  IRRESISTIBLE

He was bubbling for words couldn’t find any thing better to say, couldn’t make a sentence to start up the fire. He’s running out of control, and amazingly it’s still all because of her. He’s so damn to leave her, to cheat on her, she whom he loves the most, she who always care for him, she whom he hopes to see everyday. God she’s still beautiful as always, even more from the first time they met. He wants to win her back and he’ll do everything to win her again.  He look at her.

“You’re still beautiful as always.” He utter

“Thank you” she replied without looking at him

“I’m sorry for everything”

“Told you, You’ve been forgiven.” She raised her face “Why you’re here, what do you need from me?”

“I want you back…” He hold her hand “Let’s start all over again, I’ll be good I swear.”

He take her hand off him “Why should I return to you and do you think I’ll believe you again?”

“I’m ready  to prove everything just comeback to me again.”

“ I don’t know… I’m not sure if I still want you by my side.”

“I’ll wait then”

“Are you sure?” She raised her eyebrows “Second chance wont be easy like the first.”

“What ever it will be I’ll take it. Give me another chance.”

“It’s not that easy for me to trust you again.”

“I know, I’ll do everything to gain your trust again.”

“I won’t promise anything,,,”

“No matter what I’ll wait for you.”

Again silence invade them, they were like an individual whom a cold iced water was being poured into. They remain like that for a couple of minutes. Jhenrick was not used to this, he never been like this in front of a girl, especially if he likes the girl. But this lady brings out the worst in him, she makes him speechless all the time, she makes him run out of words and makes him obey her. For god sake he never knew that he’ll love this girl so much that he’ll do everything for her.

“Why?” She blubber around. She was crying by now, she couldn’t stop it, she was forcing herself not to cry but it can’t be stoppable. He look at her, touched with what was  happening to her, a tinged of pain patted his heart, he was not prepared for this, he doesn’t want seeing her cry.

“I’m so sorry, I doesn’t know why but I was blinded by her. I feel thrilled, I feel excited, especially when I saw her, she was gorgeously hot and I was bewildered by that time, it is as if she’s ready to give everything for me, to be honest she gave everything she have” He explained.

“You were thrilled, enchanted? then how many time you will be thrilled and enchanted? you cheated on me just because of lust,,, how gross…” She answered back while crying.

“But I didn’t love her,,, I like her yes but not love”

“Obviously, cause you left me to see her,,, now tell me how can I trust you again?!” Her voice started to raised.

“Just believed in me I won’t do it again..”

“Believe in you? For god sake I wish I could!!!”

Jaynard entered the sala the time she was running, she pass by him, and he saw it, very clear a tear drops on her cheeks. Jhenrick stands up and supposed to follow her, but he stopped him by grabbing his arm

“Don’t, you’ll just hurt her more” he looked at him “You shouldn’t come here in the first place… you can leave now.”

He take off his hand and he face him “I’ll leave if she told me,,,”

“Ahm, guys,,, we should eat by now,,” Laila stopped them, to decrease the tension building between them.

“I’m not hungry,,, you two can eat.. I’ll follow her” with that he left them.

Laila and Jhenrick were on the dinning hall, they cannot look at each other and hesitant to make a move.  The foods are already prepare on the table, but no one has the gut to start eating, they were frozen from previous scenario. The dinning was usually in bloom because of the paintings and decor’s hanged on the wall, but because of what happened it turned to gloom.  Laila was sited beside her cousin but she was not looking at him, for even she was angry for what he did to her friend, she thought that because Althea was her friend he would not fool her, in respect for her. The only wrong thing she did was to trust him with her. She feel guilty for what had happened, she’s blaming herself for all of it. She glance at him, he was devastated, and so out of self, somehow she pitied him, he already paid it off, and he’s regretting, she thinks it for real, she can feel his sincerity towards Althea, but she cannot blame her friend too, if it takes hard for her to trust him again.  She was supposed to leave when Althea entered the dinning hall together with Jaynard, with her was her brilliant smile. Jaynard on the other hand was on her side with his arm around her shoulder.

“Sorry for what had happen, and for my behavior a while ago,,,” she started “Ahmmm, Let’s start our lunch?, let’s dont spoil the day…” she turned to Jhenrick “Rick sorry for what I’ve said a while ago, it must be burst of emotion, I have forgiven you, that’s important right now,,, and regarding to what you were asking I dont know,,, Let’s see, for now let’s be friends.”

Jhenrick smiled to her, happy to know that she’s not angry with him anymore and that she gave her forgiveness to him, that’s the most important and wonderful thing that  happened today. Althea sited on her seat, beside her was Jaynard and on the other side was Jhenrick.  Then they all eat like nothing had happen.

They didn’t expected what had happen, it was like a scene on the movie, where a guy plans to surprised the girl but in the end he’s the one who got surprised.  The house became like an abbey, so quiet, so peaceful yet frightening. The house was enraptured by the shocking, frightening silence. Though Althea told them that she’s okay now, still you can sense from her the anger residing within her , the mad insane feeling that is hiding deep within her and if not perfectly tied up could be a cause of big disaster. Jaynard on the hand, are actually communicating with Jhenrick, so that he would feel that he is welcome to visit on Althea’s hacienda, and also to erased the aloofness that he built a while ago and so that he can build a new good and manly image to him, that though he did something unforgivable to his best friend they can still be a good buddy.

Jhenrick was in the verandah, observing the beautiful scenery of the garden. it was loaded with different flowers with different colors, on the far end of it you can see the different trees that forms a forest, it was really a relaxing and comfortable place, no wonder why Althea choose to take her vacation her, he thought, it is because she wants to relax her mind and body from all that happened. yet here he is following her like a stalker, wanting her again, forcing things to go back the way they used to be. He was releasing a big sigh when someone spoke from his back.

“Must thinking deeply huh?”  It was a voice coming from Jaynard, he just entered the verandah with two cup of coffee, he put the other one at the table and offer it to him using his free hand.

“Ah, thanks,,,” he took the coffee “this can help,,” he replied

“Sorry for my attitude a while ago,,,” he leaned on the wall “Must be a burst of emotion.”

“Don’t mentioned it,, I understand you,” he sit back “you were her best friend, what should I expect.”

“You want her back?” he felt a tinged of pain upon asking

Jhenrick just nod ” When she was gone I realized how much I care for her, how mush I love her,” he smiled a little “crazy but I’m going madly, deeply crazily in love with her.”

“Well, I’m not in the position to stop you it’s only her who can do that,” he bit his lower lip “about forgiveness you dont have to worry, when she say she have forgiven you, it’s true, but when it comes to returning back to you, that I doubt of…” he crossed his leg “You must take a real effort,… and you have to escort us too, prove to us that you’re worthy of her, I wont lend her to you just like that, you have hurt her, who knows you might do that again.”

He took another sip of coffee “I know your point and I do understand you too, she must be very important to you, must be a treasure you kept for so long,,, but I wont give way, I wont let go of her, I know she still loves me, I’ll win her again and I’m sure of that.”

Jaynard just look at him, he smiled and raised his cup and so as Jhenrick, but at the back of his mind, he was saying as if I’ll allow you to take her. He was being thrilled and excited of what might happen, he knows that Jhenrick gets what he wants to imply, he knows that Jhenrick knows he like Althea too and that he will not gave her just like that. That winning her back again would be hard for him especially with him around.


Chapter XII

-crop-127-140-127px-Get-a-Girl-to-Open-up-to-You-when-You're-a-Guy-Step-3It was already mid-morning, 3 days had passed and the situation on the house became more acceptable, Jhenrick was suturing Althea again and she’s not ignoring it but she’s not biting on it too. She was just accepting it like a nice lady. The weather today was beautiful, not so hot and not that it would rain. A perfect day to take a walk, today Althea asked her best friend Jaynard to accompany her in her tour on the field.

Jhenrick just took his bath and supposedly was going downstairs, he happened to passed by the room of Althea when he hears a voice inside the room, like It was flirting or doing something extraordinary, the voice was giggling as if enjoying it.

“Stop and behave for a while Thea, I can’t do this perfectly if your like that,,,” a voice whom he recognized as Jaynard,

“Hihihi, but you’re touching me, how can I behave,,,” he felt a tinged of pain, he felt his blood raised to its maximum level “Stop, stop, stop,stop! That was fast…” Althea’s voice blurted out while giggling

“Why can’t stand it? then why asked me to do this if you can’t take it?” Jaynard answered, he can feel that he’s laughing. he can’t take it anymore so suddenly he opened the door. then he saw jaynard and Althea sitting on the bed, Althea’s back was facing Jaynard, he’s holding the zipper of her dressed. they were shocked to see him around. Jaynard finished fastening Althea’s dress.

“Thanks..” she thanked him, then she laid her hair. “why you’re here, do you need something?” she asked Jhenrick

Jhenrick just shook his head, still he can’t figure out what they might have been doing a while ago, why are they in those situation, why is he fastening her dress, many ideas entered his mind, made him feel mad, paranoid with what he saw and hear, could they be,, he shook his head, erasing the thought that had just entered his mind

“Ahm, Do you have any problem, Rhick?” Althea asked with tinged of care

“Nothing,,, ahm, what you two were doing?” he asked back without looking at her as if ashamed of what he is asking.

Althea can’t figured out what he want to imply, he’s still in a puzzle of the question he asked, what is he thinking asking those kind of question, he blubbered around, then the image go her and jaynard a while ago entered her mind, could he be thinking that were doing something, for god sake, how could he, but well she couldn’t blame him, he caught them in those situation. she smile a little.

“Oh, are you stressing the scene a while ago?, I just asked a help from him to zipper my dress that’s all, cause I’m planning to go take a walk today, anyway you want to come?”

“Can I?”

“sure” she started combing her hair “Jay would be our tour guide…” then she teased him, Jaynard tickled her as a response “Stop it,, okey,, hehehe”

“So who would be the tour guide?” he asked while continued tickling her

“Key, it wouldn’t be you…”

“Good” then he put his arms around her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead “so let’s go?”  Althea nod.

The walked that Althea planned became a tour of four, it includes her, Jaynard who’s arm was around her shoulder all the time, Laila who happened to be at the garden when they passed by it  so she asked her too and Jhenrick who walked beside his cousin, and can’t take his eyes at the person walking ahead of him. Though he knew that they were just best friends and even if this Jaynard guy likes her Althea, he knows she wouldn’t accept him. All his life this was the first time he felt too much jealous, as if he wants to grabbed her away from him and went to a place where there are only the two of them.

Laila tapped his shoulder, she was looking at him all the way of their tour, and she knows how hurt he is, because this was the first time that she saw him like this, he’s filled with jealousy and she was afraid of what it might cause.

“Are you okey?”

he looked at her, then he smile “hehehe, do I look like I’m okey? My god Isn’t it clear to her that I’m courting her again, then why she’s very close to that guy?” he pointed him using his lips.

“They were best friends, and I must say he’s your strongest competitor…” She moved closer to him so she can whisper “Althea was in-love with before you came, there he was in her life before you, he’s the man who owns her whole being…”

he looks at her suddenly “Are you implying to me that I should give up now?” he shooked his head ”That’s a big no, no… I wont do that, I’ll win her back again and I’m sure of that.”
Althea who by that time, was playing with Jaynard went to his back to hide, she was laughing like a child, this was the first time he saw her like that, so carefree and childish, she could be like that in front of that guy? but she never show that attitude of hers to him, infront of him she’s always act like a lady, she’s always conscious about her self, he was hurt a bit that she’s not that show off to him.

“Hehehe, you can’t capture me,,,” she holds his arms “Jhenrick wont allow you,,.” he looked at her with a shocked face “Right?” For a long moment they stare at one another as if understanding each other, he’s right there was still a place for him in her heart and he can sense it, open and more than willing, he won’t lose, not this time around.

“Of course I wont,,,” then he smile to her, she looked at him as if going thru him, he still can touched her, can touched the hidden feeling she kept for him, she swallow, god she was looking at him and it shouldn’t be like this.

“I know you wont…”

Laila found a hole this time she can to both of them, she’ll take this Jaynard guy off their road, he can’t be a hindrance to their love story. She suddenly grabbed his arm and excitedly said in a high tone ” C’mon Jay, tour me around, they’ll be okey here.”

but wait…” she doesn’t allow him to finish what he supposed to say, he grubbed him and they walk away from them.

They were looking eye to eye, as if reading each others mind, as if talking, and telling each other how they missed one another so much. Althea’s angry and chaotic heart has calm down upon looking at those eyes, she can’t deny she was still madly deeply in love with him, and she still want him back, but no, she need to teach him a  lesson first. She return to reality when she hears a crushing sound coming from the bush. She suddenly hugged Jhenrick.

“Are you alright?” He asked in shock

“I-I hear something from there,,,” she pointed at the bush. He pushed her a little and walked through it, he take a glimpse of it but then there’s no one there.

“No one was here, might be an animal..”

“Might be..”  she fixed her dress “So can we go now, I’ll be your tour guide for today.” she smiled

” Sure,,, where do you plan to bring me?” he said. They continued walking

“Hmmm, actually I really don’t know, don’t have any idea…” she smile to him

They walked, and walked and walked, no one was uttering a word, Althea was looking somewhere else as if observing the place, while Jhenrick was looking on her.

“You haven’t change, you’re still beautiful…” he said without thinking

“oh, really?… thank you then,,,” she walk backward, so she can face him “you’re still handsome too, as always” this burst out from her own mouth, yeah it’s true and she really wants to tell him that thing, good she does.

He grabbed her hands and continued walking, she doesn’t get mad nor angry, she doesn’t even take his hand off her hand, there’s something inside her that want this thing to happen too, like it was longing for him for long time, like his hands was the only one who can fits hers. she take a hold of it tightly, don’t wanna letting it go. he look at her, she smiled then he smiled back.

“Do you remember the first time we met, I was angry at you by that time.” she confessed

he looked at her with query eyes “Why?”

“Because you’re boastful, I sensed that you always look high on your self, like you’re the king of the earth…” she looked at him “And I was angry that you can get the attention of all the girls in that party.”

He squeeze her hand “But, you can get the attention of the guys at that party too…”

“But it’s different, i don’t flirt with them, but you, you always flirt with girls…”

He stop from walking and he face her “Don’t tell me you’re jealous by that time…”

She looked directly into his eyes “yes I do…:”

He look at her too, long and can actually melt her, he pinched her nose “If you only tell me that time, I won’t flirt with them, but…” he caress her cheek “I might flirt with you..”

She just stare at him, as if observing him, for god’s sake she still likes him, so much, by now she want to melt in those arms, she want him to cuddle her, to caress, to kiss her. She was being electrified with his touch, she started to feel tense, as if losing control of herself. she doesn’t know what to do, but one thing is for sure, she want’s him at this very moment.

Jhenrick was looking at her too, he wants to hug her and to made her feel, how he missed her, he want’s to hold her face and caress it, he wants to kiss her and make her feel how much he loves her, but he can’t move. How could he if she was staring like that to him, like she’s inviting him, yet there’s something within him that stop himself from doing it, if it’s not her maybe he would make love here, right now, right then, but he couldn’t, he respected her so much that he doesn’t want her to feel molested. he slowly lean forward to her, then he kissed her on the forehead. She was tense and cold, with  just a kissed on the forehead can make her feel like this, he’s not touching her, and not even on the lips, it’s like that they are the only living creature in the world. then together with this feeling a drop of water touch her cheek, it started to rain.

“It’s raining!…”

Jhenrick look around then saw a small cave near them, he grabbed her and they run to the cave. It was dark inside and very cold, lucky the cave have a cut branches of tree and he has a lighter on the pocket, he doesn’t know why he bring it with him, this must be the reason. they were soaking wet now, he lit up the branches, and it made a light and fire perfect for them. Althea was standing on the corner and looking at him. He look ate her too, then he stated to unbutton his polo, this act made her feel uncomfortable.

“W-W hat are you doing?” She asked in shocked.

He look at her and smile “undressing, we’re soaking wet, it’s not good for our health we might catch up a cold.” he started to unbuckle his belt “You’re already wet too, you take off you’re dress or you’ll get sick.”  She just look at him with a shock face, thinking how could he dare tell her those things he knew that it’s uncomfortable undressing in front of anybody, especially if its a guy and worst became your boyfriend.

“But,,. y-you want me to undress in front of you?”  she utter, she take a grip of her self.

he walk towards her, then he told her while looking directly in her eyes “If you can’t do it,,,I’ll do it for you…” there’s a long pause “Joke!!! I wont look ok?”  Again he walk to his current position and turn her back on her, but after a couple of minutes she called him

“Ahm, can you unzipped my dress, I can’t do it on my own..” she told him, she turn her back on him, then put his hair on her shoulder, so he can take a look of it. he went to her back and with tense hand, he take hold of the zipper, and slowly he unzipped her dress. For every descending of the zipper he shallow, seeing the white bare skin of hers, he look at her nape, so sexy and looks soft,,, there’s something inside him wants to hug her, to touch her, to kiss her skin, to own her,,,he shook his head,  and in silent he said what am I thinking, I shouldn’t do that. He take a deep breath after he done it. then he return to his current position.

“Ahm, thank you… don’t look okay?”

“I won’t But can I glance?” he joked around.

After undressing she hanged their clothes to dry it,  they were sited back to back. For a long moment no one was speaking, they’ve been there for about an hour now, but it was still raining and it worsen this time as if it won’t stop.

“Seems like were going to sleep her?” He told her to lessen the tension between them.

“It can’t be, it will stop soon, we just need to wait.” she remarked.

“Why is that because you’re missing your Jaynard..” He said with a tinged of anger in his tone.

She glance at him, he got that sexy body huh she think, “Are you jealous about him?” god why did I ask about that…she tells her self. He glance at her too

“What if I say yes?” he smile “Yes I am jealous and I don’t know why. to be honest I don’t understand why I’m here and forcing myself to win you back, you have affected my life and whole being, when you left me I realized how important you are to me, I realized  that you’re the best girl I’ve ever had, that I am so goddamn fool to cheat on you. I love you and I always will, you just need to trust me again,,, let’s start over again.”

Althea is just looking at him, as if criticizing him, and she can clearly see the sincerity in his eyes, that what he is saying was real and she can’t deny it that she too wants to be back in his arms again, but there’s another part of her that wants to take revenge on him too, and she see this as her chance. She showed him the politeness and kindness in her and this time, She’ll show him her other personality, the Althea that you wouldn’t like to meet.

It stopped raining outside, he stand up and took her dress then gave it to her, she started to get dress and so as him. She asked for his help again to zipper her dress after zippering it he started to walk but she stop him by holding his hand and making him face her again, then without a word she kissed him. So passionate, so long, that moment she feels his hand caress her neck, and his longing for her. that was the first time they kiss, for that moment she feels like they were the only living creature in the world, like she hears a sound of fireworks around them, like she was falling to her pedestal, she hate to admits it but he’s a good kisser. Jhenrick on the other hand was shock of what she did, but he won’t stop his self now. He’s been dreaming of this, for long time he wait for this to happen. And he is right when he say that he loves her, he can feel it at this very moment, is it as if he won’t kiss any other woman again except her, that his lips belongs only to hers. They look at each other, she smile, then she said in a mellow and sweet tone.                        “Welcome back…”

They walk home hand in hand. jhenrick was very happy that he win her again, he was very happy that he owns her and this time he won’t let her go, this time he’ll take good care of him, that he won’t do a thing that can destroy her trust to him, not for this time. When they reached the house they found Jaynard and Laila at the sala, worried and waiting for their arrival. Jaynard’s face cannot be paint, he was very worried that wrinkled lines could be seen on his forehead, his best friend were no where to find, but here he is, and he can do nothing but to wait for Laila assure him that she will be fine with Jhenrick on her side. He was staring at no where outside the window when he hear Laila utter a word.

“Althea!!!” She burst out, she went to her immediately, then she took her hand “Where in gods sake have you two been, we’re very worried about you guys!!!” Althea was supposed to answer when Jaynard hurried toward her and hugged her, suddenly. It was tight and she can feel his worried feelings toward her.

“What happen?…” he caress her cheek “you got me worried…” then he kissed her on the forehead

“we’re trapped on the cave, it’s because of the rain, we wait for it to stop.”

Jaynard took a big sigh “Are you wounded? Are you hurt?” he hit his forehead “God I don’t know what to do back then…”

She grabbed his hand to stop it from hitting his self “you’ll hurt your self, I’m okay now, need not to worry…” She put her hands around Jhenrick’s arms “…and beside, Jhenrick was there, he took care of me…”

Jaynard tap Jhenrick’s shoulder “Thanks bro.”

“My pleasure…and it’s my duty to protect my girl…” he answered smiling.

“Your girl?” he asked back, then he glance at Althea, then she nod.

“Oh… congratulations…”

It was already mid night, but Jaynard was still awake,. he’s thinking about Althea, about Jhenrick and their revelation. He couldn’t believe it that their back again, it was way too fast, he recall her word to him that if she return to Jhenrick it was all because of revenge. Is she making her plan now, or she goes back to him because she wants it too. He can’t read her, not like before, it is only by now that he realized how far she is to him now, that because of distance and long absence, he can’t take hold of her. But still he knows that he can still somehow manipulate her. And he won’t accept defeat, Althea belongs to him, only to him, and no other guy can get her from him, he’ll fight for her even if it means suffering. If he needs to ride on with her plan he’ll do it, just to make sure that he won’t lose her. He also has a big chance to win this fight, for he was very close with her family. He went near the window, it was dark outside and so quite, as if joining with what ever plan Althea have. he took a deep breath, he waited for so long for this moment, he waited so long to court her, to stand with her through ups and down, to fight for her. how did it happen, how do things goes this way, as if it has it’s own life, as if it’s playing with them. Before he can’t tell her that he likes her for he doesn’t have the gut to face her parents though they already knew him and they like him, and now that he can stand on his own, this Jhenrick guy enters the scene and destroy all his plan. I s this how their story would go, with many twist and secrets to reveal. Now he doesn’t know how many percent he has to win this fight, knowing that her back to Jhenrick again and that guy would surely not allow any other guy enter their relationship, would not let her go, but sorry to him for he won’t accept defeat as well.


Chapter XIII

he_wants_her_but_she_wants_him_by_phyqah-d48f6zl“La Colorado” cafe was loaded with people today, it was the peak season of the year. Since it is summer a lot of individual want’s a relaxing, comfortable and peaceful place to hangout with, and this place would be the perfect one. Laila was sitting patiently on their usual spot, she arrived there 30 minutes before the said time, he has this attitude of arriving 30 minutes before the time, and as usual her friend Althea follows the saying ‘it’s alright to be late than to wait’. She was observing the people around her, when she saw a familiar figure, but it wasn’t Althea, to her surprised she stood up to see Jaynard approaching her direction.

“Hi!” he greeted her with a serene smile

“hi… why are you here, I’m supposed to meet Althea here, do you went here instead of her?” Laila asked confusedly

He sat down on the chair opposite to her “Yeap, she told me to went here ahead of her, so that you won’t be bored waiting for her.”

She lean on the chair and crossed her arms “Aist,,,, when will the time come that she wouldn’t be late…”

“I’m afraid it wont happen” he smile then he raised his index finger to call the waiters attention “I think we should order first.” the waiter came to their table and gave them the menu “What do you want?”

“Anything that will cool down my heated head…”

“Hmmm…” he scan the menu “ahm,,, give me one cappuccino and a choco iced frap. for this beautiful lady in front of me…” with that the waiter leave them

“I didn’t know that you love throwing pick up lines too…” Laila said smiling

“Am not, I’m just stating what is obvious…”

“Can I asked  you one question?” she said

” What is it?”

“What do you have in mind, showing up to Althea so sudden?” she asked with eyebrow raised.

“You’re a smart lady…” the waiter return with their orders. he took a sip of his cappuccino “I’m going to get what is mine.”

“Althea?” she take hold of her frap and stir it “But she’s not your property.”

“She belongs to me and I belong to her…” he sip again “we made a vow before and it can’t be broken, I’ll let her do her things, cause for sure she’ll come back to me.”

“How sure you are?”

“Very much in deed…”

Their conversation cut off when he saw Althea enter the cafe together with Jhenrick. She looked around and when she found them she raised her hand and wave to them. She immediately approached them, with Jhenrick following her.

“Best!!!” she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek “thank you very much for coming here… and for entertaining my besty”

He look at her “she’s your best friend too? Should I be jealous by now?”

“Awww…” she pinned his nose “…you shouldn’t be….” she sat down and offer Jhenrick to sit too

“Any way what do you plan to do?” Laila asked

“Hmmm, nothing, I don’t have anything in mind…”

“What?” She asked in shock “You made us went here without any plan?”

“Wait.. I have a suggestion…” Jhenrick intrude

All their eyes were focused on him, as if asking what’s his suggestion.

“Why don’t we go to Enchanted Kingdom?” he continue

“That would be great… I guess!” Althea explained. Then without any explanation she stood up and pull her boyfriends hand. While her other friends followed them. She ride on Jhenrick’s car while Laila was on his best friend’s car. On the way to enchanted Althea was holding her phone and keep on texting, Jhenrick on the other side get’s a little bit annoyed. He kept on looking at her as if observing what would be her reaction every time her phone beep.

“to whom are you texting?” he asked with a tone of annoyance.

She look at him with an awe, surprise with his expression, he never used to do that before, he never asked whoever texted her not until now “Just a college friend… why?”

“Nothing, I just realized that you’re getting way too busy with your phone that you have forgotten me,,, hello I exist here”

She was very shock of his reaction, she giggle then she wrap her hand on his arm     “Don’t tell me your jealous?”

“Can’t I be jealous?” he replied coldly

“Sweetie your over boarding…” she’s  playing with his ear, as if tickling it “And besides you’re the only one for me.” she was licking his ear, and he’s liking it. He stepped on the clutch then he kissed her passionately, he’s holding her hair and their getting hot, his hands started to move under her shirt. When she felt his hand under her shirt she push him a little then in a sexy tone she said.

“Where on the road hon, and on our trip to enchanted, travelers might see us making up here.” she straightened herself to her seat. He look at her, he made her face him then he sweetly kissed her again.

“I love you so much…you’re mine,,, only mine” he face the wheel “Always remember that.” with that he start up the engine again.

Althea was shock of what just happen, she doesn’t know what to do every time she’s with him, he always made her, restless and fragile, like a child who always need her mommy to take care of her. With him around she’s always lost. She hates it when she plans to tease him but in the end she’s the one who always loose control, just like what had happen.

It was already 4 o’clock when they arrived at the place, and the sun was nearly to take it’s rest, there are also many people having their fun time, some of them are with their family while the others are together with their love ones. Jhenrick glance at Althea, he smile a little upon seeing her reaction, she was like a child, she was giggling in excitement, as if it’s her first time to visit enchanted kingdom. It was his first time seeing her in her most happy reaction, and he’s happy about that. I guess I’m going to witness our first’s today, he thought. Althea suddenly look at him and with query eyes she asked

“What are you thinking honey?” she hold his hands

he shook his head “Nothing, just you…” then he bent down to kiss her.

“Awww!!! I guess were going to witness many sweet things today…” Laila intrude, while smiling.

Suddenly, Jaynard put his arms around Laila’s shoulder “Why, get jealous with them if we can make ours?”

She smile at him, then she said in a sly tone “Why joke around, if we can make it real…”

He was about to answer back when Althea entered the scene

“Why keep on blubber around if we can take on the rides…” she said with an eyebrow raised.

“Woahhh… looks like my baby here is getting mad,” Jaynard patted her head “Don’t worry baby, you’re still my best friend ever”

“Hmppp!!!” she answered with arms crossed.

Jhenrick felt a flush of jealousy invades him, he doesn’t want her to be so clingy to other guys except him, even if that guy was her best friend. He suddenly grab her waist and pulled her nearer to him, then he said in a serious tone

“Let them do their thing, and let’s do ours…”

She put her arms around his neck and in a flirting tone she said “Awww, you’re getting jelly again honey?” she rub her nose to his nose “You know I love you so much.”

“Ahem!…” Jaynard cough to get their attention “aren’t we going to take the rides?”

Jaynard grabbed Althea’s hand and together they run going to the rides. He doesn’t care even if Jhenrick, her boyfriend was with them, why should he, he was her best friend before they met, he was the second guy, next to her dad in her life. And compare to him he knows that her family would choose him over Jhenrick. He doesn’t care about him, all he know is that he loves her so much that he’ll do anything to get her. And that in this battle he know he will win. He was holding her hand when she halt in front of the roller coaster, she was looking at it with awe, and he can read from her eyes that she was very eager to ride it, when she look at him, he nod as if he already knew what she was supposed to say. They follow the line, it was a long line, but it moves faster, so take the ride even without Jhenrick and Laila., and he was happy for that, for he feels like it was their own date. They just done riding the roller coster when the two arrived.

“Where were you guys came from?” she asked while grasping for her breath

“We lost tract of you guys, you were way too fast.” Laila explained

“Ohhh,.. sorry, we’re just done with the roller coster…” Jaynard answered back

“You were gone on front of our very own eyes,,,,” Jhenrick said as if not hearing what Jaynard blurted out “How do you manage to escape us?” he asked with sarcasm while looking directly into his girlfriend then to Jaynard.

Althea step forward, put her hands at her back then she said in a sweet tone “You wont, and will never lost me because I’ll stay here” she pointed his left chest where his heart was ‘…And you was here too,,,” she pointed her own heart “but, most of the time you resides here” then her brain. Jhenrick manage to release a smile. He caress her cheek then he said in a manly voice

“you know what I’m madly, deeply, crazily in love with you…” he look directly into her eyes “you made me go crazy.”

“Ahem!!!” Jaynard blurted out “I guess it’s not the perfect time for sweet lies, there’s  still so many rides to enjoy with.”

Jhenrick just look at him, this guy really want him to loose his patience, he doesn’t like him and so does he, he knows that this guy likes his girlfriend for good, and for gods sake he won’t allow that to happen, even though he’s very close to her family, for sure time would come that he’s going to meet her family too, and he need to prepare for he can’t let them down. He hold Althea’s hand then he said in teasing tone.

“Yeah your best friend was right…” he emphasized the word “Best Friend” “…We better get going…” He look to her eyes and asked “Where do you want to go next?”

Althea smile “Any where as long as with you, I couldn’t ask for more…”

They went next to the octopus, then wet their selves at the wild river, they enjoy bumping each other at bump car, then also froze their selves into the frozen city where  all kind of ice statue can be seen. It was already night when they done having tour at the place. Laila’s rest house was near by so they decided to stay there for a night or a couple of days for in 3 days time Althea would be very busy with her work again. They arrived there by 12.

It was already mid night and every body decided to call it a break. Every body except for Laila was already taking their rest. She was seated comfortably at the sala and enjoying a cup of coffee. She was internalizing when somebody spoke up.

“What were you doing here in this late wee hours?” It was Jaynard whom by that time was holding a glass of champagne. He lean on the wall facing her.

“Nothing, I can’t sleep so I decided to drink a cup of coffee.” She raised the cup to show it.

“Better if you take milk or wine.” He answered back.

She smile “Yeah, By the way you why your still up?”

“I don’t know either…” He grin “…Maybe I’m in the mood and I need a mate.”

She too grin “Then think you can enjoy a girl whose sipping her coffee?”

“…And think I can sip you too…” he put down his glass of champagne then came closer to her. He took her cup of coffee and put it down on the table. He caress her cheek, she close her eyes, he kissed her lips, then her neck, his kisses was hot and needy. She can feel it, he was good, very good, a good kisser and all. His every kiss electrifies her. It feels like she’s falling, falling into his trap, and it’s hard to resist it. He got her insane with those lips. He’s lips slows down to her shoulder, he shower it with his wild kisses. She felt a flush of heat goes through her vain, traveling to her brain. She cupped his face, she raised it to face her, then she mouthed his lips. He return her kisses. He slide his one hand under her shirt, he cupped her breast’s and he played with it. She managed to release a moan as he’s doing it. He raised her shirt to reveal her navel and her wondrous breasts. He kissed her again : wet and wild, he played with her tongue, playing a tag war with it. Then he look at her, it made him grin upon seeing her so ecstatic with what he did to her, he had hypnotized her and now she’s under his spell. He look at her and it is as if he’s looking at Althea, he saw her as Althea, he imagined her to be his best friend, when he did all of those things to her, he was thinking no one but her again he felt an urge from his bottom, he caress her, he lick her navel, then he tongue her breast, sucking her nipple like a baby, she manage to release a moan as he played with it, his other hand traveled down to the valley at her bottom, he played with it like an insert coin, then he put his two finger to her mouth to lessen her moaning as it goes louder and louder for he started to insert his finger to her bottom hole. They were at their climatic mood, when someone entered the sala.

“Whose there?” it was Althea, who has a glass and a pitcher of water on her both hands. She look carefully at the figure sitting on the couch, she only saw the figure’s hair, it was not that long, and she thinks she already know who it was. Though the figure’s back was the one who face her, she can figure out that it was under pleasure, as if she just take a marijuana, she’s under ecstasy and she’s loving it.

“Laila…” she manage to say her name “…What were you doing there?”

Laila who by that time just opened her eyes, look at Jaynard whose in front of her, putting down her shirt again. “Ahm, n-nothing just relaxing…”

Jaynard stand up fixing his self, he wave  to Althea. He grin to Laila, then walk to ward Althea, he stop at her side then in a husky tone he said

“Good night Laila, I did have a fun time,,,” he face her “I’m going to bed now good night…” he kissed her on the forehead then he left.

Laila stands up too, she faced her, without looking into her eyes she said “I’m done relaxing, Im off to bed now,,, nighty!” she hurried away.

Althea was left there, shock and confused of what she just saw, is it right, Laila and Jaynard, did they just do it? Laila won’t moan like that for nothing or if she’s only relaxing, how could they do it, she felt betrayed, her best friends, WHY?

Althea was laying on her bed, it was already pass 3 in the morning, yet she’s still awake, how could she sleep, after what she saw? It feels like she’s only dreaming, a nightmare anyone wouldn’t wish to have. She can’t believe it of all people, why it was her best girlfriend: Laila, and why does Jaynard pick her up instead of her. All these years she thought that Laila was a best bud, why does she did it, she felt betrayed, anger feeds her, but she couldn’t just confront them and shout into their faces, for three reasons: first she had a boy friend, she shouldn’t be get mad at any guy for this time or Jhenrick would misunderstood it: second, Jaynard was single and so as Laila, whatever they’ll do, she’s out of the scene and third she doesn’t have any right, being a best friend would not be an enough reason to get mad with them, she should be happy for her best friends like each other. She turned to her side, reach for the pillow and hugged it. Why things turned out this way, she asked herself. Shouldn’t I be happy now? Shouldn’t be I contented? I have Jhenrick for revenge and I also have my friends on my side, but I felt mistreated and betrayed, shouldn’t I be happy for them? Her head aches, she can’t think properly must be because of luck of sleep, and the scene she just saw, she wants to take her rest now, she doesn’t want to think about it anymore. She close her eyes,  Jaynard’s grinning face entered her mind,


Chapter XIV

hot-girl-at-bar-aloneA day had passed yet the scene that Althea saw was still fresh and clear on her mind. She couldn’t just forget about it, how could she if the two person involve were the two most important individual in her life. How can she be mad if they choose to like each other. She managed a big sigh, Jhenrick who was sited next to her notice her situation. They were under the mango tree and having their rest. She was sited under it’s shade while he was lying on her lap. His eyes were shut but he’s widely awake and aware of her sentiments. He opened his eyes, he look at her eyes and he hold her cheek.

“What’s bothering you?” he asked with tone of concern “I notice that lately you became so vulnerable, you wouldn’t speak and insensitive.”

she shook her head “Nothing… I’m just thinking if your really that serious to me?”

He sat up “Maybe I’ve done something wrong to you, I have hurt you, but I wont do that again, I swear to god”

“Can I hold onto that?” She asked him, looking on no where “…to be honest with you I really don’t trust you that much, not like before, after you cheated on me, my trust for slowly fades, and it’s on you now on how to regain it again. I can’t be sure that i’ll be totally loyal to you, that I won’t flirt with other guys,,,” Jherick rise from her lap “Can you handle it?”

He was so shock of what she told him, he can’t imagine that Althea would say those kind of words and that she can do that to him. “Can you do that to me?”

“What do you think?” she asked back

“Well if that’s the case then I won’t give you to him, you’re mine and will always be mine…”

she paused for a moment close her eyes, now she really doesn’t know what to do, she was very confused, she was with him but Jaynard was on her mind, she opened her eyes and without thinking she managed to say “What if I broke up with you, what will you do ?”

“I’ll die…I’m telling you, I’ll kill myself…”

She was supposed to answer when Laila came together with Jaynard. She was wearing a dress, she was very pretty, no doubt why Jaynard fall for her, his arm was around her shoulder, and with him was his wide smile, as if teasing her, as if telling her that ‘it should be you under my arm and not her’ He sat next to her, he pull Laila next to him. Althea can’t look at them, she envied her own best girlfriend for having her best friend, and she regret it, regret the day she returned to Jhenrick for that was the time she loose him. With Laila and Jhenrick was a basket full of food for their lunch, they brought them, rice, fish, friend chicken and so much more. With Jaynard around Laila became more feminine, she served them, and arranges their food

“I have made all of this,,,” she said while smiling

“All of that are you sure?” Jaynard intrude

“I thought I can claim it all as my doing…” she giggle “…but seems like someones acting…” she look at him “Okey, I did this together with Jaynard.”

Jaynard cleared his throat “Laila actually doesn’t know how to cook that’s why I teach her how to do some simple cookings.”

“yeah, she doesn’t have the interest when it comes to cooking that’s why I’m surprise that she allowed you to teach her” Althea said with a tinge of jealousy. What was happening to me, she thought I’m not like this, I should be happy for them, but I just can’t.

Althea was sitting under the shade of the tree, she was relaxing, they were done eating, actually she was watching her best friends. They were playing like a child at the sea shore, Jaynard was chasing Laila as she took his favorite cap. They look like a good and ideal couple. They were very happy with one another. And she can also see from them the physical attraction that you can not just see to every couple. They are made for each other. She envied them so much yet she want the best for them. A tear slowly fall down from her eyes, she was hurting but still its a mystery for her. Still she can’t figured it out. She was wiping off her tear when her boy friend showed up from no where.

“Are you crying?” he asked her

“oh… I’m not, a dirt struck my eyes.” she lied

he sat down beside her “you can lie to any body but not to me…” he hold her cheeks and made her face him. He looked directly into her eyes, as if reading her, as if traveling inside her. His face became serious and without saying anything he kissed her. It was hard and heavy, his kisses was different from the ones that he always gave her. It is as if he’s angry, as if it’s a punishment for all the wrongs that she did. He bit her lower lip, then while looking directly into her eyes he told her in his most serious tone “Stop thinking about Jaynard, it wont help us, I want you to think only me, I want your head be filled by me, no other man should occupy that…” he caress her cheek “Now that I have you again I wont lend you to him, even if you say so… you’re mine, only mine…”

Althea was shock upon hearing those words from him, it doesn’t hit her mind that he would say those kinds of things, that he would do anything just to take hold of her. That he would kill even his self for her. Lately Jhenrick became more over protective, and paranoid. It sometimes frightened her. Because of the heaviness of those words  she replied nothing except nodding. He reach for her hand, he caress it then he kiss her again, it was light and sweet this time.

Althea was lying on her bed, her body was very tired but her mind was still wide awake, again thinking about her best friends, she doesn’t know why it was big deal for her that they are together, it hurts her and she knew it wasn’t right. Maybe because it doesn’t hit her that they’ll come at this point in time where Jaynard would choose another girl over her and the worst it was her best friend. She released a big sigh, as if it was her only way of releasing all her tensions and tantrums. She smile realizing that she was really growing up, thinking about this kind of things, She close her eyes, hoping that she could easily fell to sleep, but no matter what she do she remain wide awake. She hear the door opened. Someone has entered her room, and she wondered who it was, could it be Jhenrick, Jaynard or Laila? She feels it approaching her, it lean on her bed and she can sense it’s shadow on her face. She opened her eyes, and with query eyes she said.

“Laila?” Laila smiled on her “Why are you here?”

Laila shook her head “Nothing, just wanna visit and have a chitchat with my friend.”

Althea sit up on the bed “What happen, do you want to say anything?” a long pause “Or, you want ask for an advise?”

She just smile at her then she too sat on the bed “Non of the above, I really just want to visit you, this vacation… it separates us, and I’m missing my best ever girl friend.” she hugged her “…I missed you so much and I love you too…”

Althea laugh, she push her a little then she said “Hey!!! what’s up with you? It doesn’t suites you.”

“hmp,,, I’m just trying to be sweet here,,,” she crossed her arms, now she return to her usual mood “thinking if you can accept me if I’m like that…”

“If you were like that from the very beginning of course I will, but changing your behavior in the middle of  everything, I might think that you did something wrong to me…” she raised an eyebrow. “did you?”

“Awww!!!” she slap Althea on her shoulder “I did nothing okey,,, I’m just…in-love”

“In-love?” she asked back

“Yes… for the very long time after my last boy friend, “

“May I know whose the lucky guy?”

Laila smile, a wide smile “Jaynard…”



“Oh my god,,, I was very happy, I’ll be good and I’ll do every thing to have him.”

“o-okay, I’m happy for you.”


Chapter XV


670px-Find-Your-Gay-Best-Friend-Step-2Their almost one month vacation was over and Althea was back to her normal life again. Hospital life then if she do have time you can see her at her boutique. She tried to erase from her mind all the happenings on that vacations, instead of being relaxed she became more agitated and stressed. She was done charting her patients record when someone approached the nurses station.

“Miss, I’m looking for someone?” it was a manly voice

“yes, what’s the name sir?” she asked without looking at the customer, but suddenly she stopped what she’s doing, she just realized who’s asking her, she raised her head then she saw   him, Jhenrick, standing on the nurses station  and looking directly into her, with him was his wide smile.

“Can I picked up the most beautiful nurse I’ve ever known”

Althea smiled “do you think this beautiful nurse will allow you?”

“What do I need to do for her to say yes?” he was flirting now, with his eyes looking at her, he made her wanna jump into her arms, right now, right there.

“Hmp!!! you’re lucky I can’t say no…” she reach for her bag, bade goodbye to her co-nurses then together with Jhenrick she left.

It was hot outside the hospital, she was tired, she wants to lay down and relax, but she too wants to spend time with Jhenrick. She was looking outside the window seal and thinking of a nice place to relax with. Her eyes become busy looking to individual whose pace are increasing, hurrying to their works. She saw a couple having their quarrel at the street. She managed to release a sly smile, must be a teen she thought, having fight with her boyfriend at the street, what a scandalous move. She glance to another side of it, a group of teens who made a circle caught her attention. They were doing street dance and a rap. She was amazed for she too was a dancer before. She  told Jhenrick to stop the car then they went together at the dancing teens. She was making a simple move while watching them, then slowly without her noticing it, she was now dancing with them, the music calls her attention. She was now waving her body to the flow of music. It is as if invading her, it follows the beat of it, making her dance with grace, it wasn’t a sexy move yet she look destructively sexy and freaking hot. Jhenrick who was looking at her from the crowd was very shock of what he saw, she was a perfect example of being aggressive, he thought, yes she is in her low profile way. He grin then he too made his way to them. He too made his move, he do a little stunts and a more masculine moves. Althea stopped suddenly, she watch him, shock that he’s dancing too, and honestly he’s good at it. He even surpass the other street dancers. After the music they decide to halt and made their way out. Laughing they both enter the car.

“That was fun, it awaken my senses.” Althea blurted out

“I can see it,,,” he agree while racing for his breath “You’re a good dancer, haven’t told me.”

“Oh, that was back in my high school and college time” she look at him, then she slap him on the shoulder “You haven’t informed me that you’re a dancer too.”

he laugh, shocked of what she did “That was back in my high school and college time too…”

“you were just mimicking me.”

“Hehehe, you’re so cute…” he pinned her on the nose “do you wanna eat?”

“I want to take a bath first…”

“your wish is my command” with that he start the engine.

Althea was wondering where does her boyfriend planned to bring her, when she said she wants to take a bath first, it was a joke…okay it was half meant. The route that they we’re taking was kind a familiar to her. The trees and the big houses that they passed thru, if she was not mistaken it was the route going to his house. She swallowed, her whole body go intense, she feels a goose bumps thru her pines. She was a bit cold now. Thinking what would they do in his house, she was quite uncomfortable. She shook her head and told herself ‘Althea stop thinking of nonsense things, it won’t happen okay.”

Jhenrick stepped on the clutch, stepped out of the car and opened the door for her. She look at him for a couple of minutes then she reach for his hand. She can hear her own heart beat, it was fast. As if there is a race inside her. She doesn’t know why but she was a bit tense.

“Where here” he welcome her

“I can see…”

“C’mon let’s go inside.”

Together they went inside the house, she made her eyes to it’s function. She observed the whole house. It was different from that night, the night where she met him. It was kept clean and serene looking. She saw him put down her bag on the sofa. She went to the pool, then she do stretching there, he approached and hugged her from back, then he whisper on her ear.

“The Bathroom’s inside, you can use it…” he hugged her more tightly “…or if you want you can use my shower room upstairs…”

Althea swallowed and loosened his embrace “No thanks, I think I can use the shower room inside…” she face him “…and you,,, can start cooking our food now.” She free from his arms and started walking, going to the rest room.

The  rest room was located on the left side of the kitchen, it was a big and classical one. The tub was scented with florals on it, Luke warm water was flowing freely from the pipe.  She touch it, feeling the warmness of it flowing within her veins, She started to undress, then slowly he enters the tub, wow it was freaking relaxing, it made her comfortable. Swaying her whole being to it’s ecstatic effect. She closed her eyes, cooling down her self. She took a deep breath, to be honest she really went pale and tensed when she realized that Jhenrick would bring her on his place, and to think of it they are the only person there. A lot of things entered her mind, things that suffocates her brain. It freeze her, made her loose control. Lucky that she decided to take her bath here instead of using Jhenricks rest room. She doesn’t know but she had this feeling that if she’ll stay with him even for a couple of minute something might happen between them, something that was out of her control. After taking a bath, she decided to go directly at the kitchen to see what was Jherick’s cooking, but he was not there, instead she saw the cooking bowl with pasta, he left it while the fire is on, it might over cooked… luckily I decided to went here; she thought. She poured the water out of the pasta, set it aside, then started cooking the sauce. She first saute garlic then she put the tomato sauce sweet and Italian style flavored, then a little ketchup, hot and cheese, she also added mushroom. Then after 30 minutes she finished cooking, she mixed it together with the pasta. She was mixing it when Jhenrick entered the kitchen from no where.

“Hmmm, that smells good,” he said from the back

“Thanks, how long you’ve been here?”

“A couple of minutes, I guess,” he hugged her from the back “…I’ve been watching you from the doorway,”

“hmp, you were peeping again…”

“I’ll only do that to you, “ he blow air on her nape “You always made me wanna peep on you,,, I’m insanely in-love with you” he whisper in her ear “you’re highly addictive…”

Althea faced him, then she put her arms around his neck “How come, that I’m addictive? I’m not a heroine for you to get high.” she brushed her nose to his nose.

He grabbed her waist making her lean closer to him “You’re more than a heroine to me,,, no drug can compare with you.” he lean closer to kissed her, a deep and passionate one, she felt the heat raised to her spines. She swallowed, yet she kissed back a long, hot and needy one. And he feels it, the hotness growing within her. He even made her asked for more by caressing her nape and neck. His hands moved faster than usual. She was about to give in but still she controlled herself, she pushed him a little then she said in a blushing tone

“Can we eat now?”

“Huh?” he suddenly asked “oh,,, the food, yeah of course.” he released her, then together they went at the dinning.

They were done eating, Jhenrick invited Althea to his room for he has something to show her, because of shyness, she doesn’t say no, and if she turned him down he wont like it. The room was big for one person, he has a big bed, wow of all things why is it that the bed caught my attention the most; she thought. It might feel good when I lay there especially if someones hugging you. She shook her head and told her self to stop from thinking. Too much thinking might kill you. She sat at the sofa while Jhenrick sat on the bed.

“why you were there? Come here, it will be more convenient here” he told her.

Convenient? What is he thinking about, she whispered. She approached him, then she sat beside him.

“Here…Take a look of this, that are my collection of dvd’s, we can watch movie here, it will be more relaxing, and if you feel like sleeping you can sleep here…” he tapped his bed. Shocked of what he said, she sighed deeply and relieve of too much thinking she just manage to released a smile.

“Sooo, what do you want to watch?” he asked.

“i don’t know, what if you choose I’ll watch…”

“That was unfair think of anything…” they paused for a couple of minute “Hmmm, my friend told me that ‘the notebook’ was a good one,,, have you watch it already?”

She shook his head “No, but I heard it too, so that’s the thing were going to watch” he look for it on the movie list, then he inserted it on the player. They’re where right when they told them that it was beautiful and romantic. But they haven’t informed them that it was a bit sexy too. It has so many scenes that was restricted for a child. When it come to that scented Althea suddenly raised from bed, must be shocked. Why suddenly it became hot, she asked in silent. She started to look for a fan, then she put the aircon on it’s higher degree, but still it’s hot.

“What we’re you doing, come here, beside me” he told her. Althea followed him like a good child. She sat back beside him. Then again they watch the movie together. He put his arms around her shoulder, he was caressing, as if making her in the mood, to control herself she get her phone and start texting, she doesn’t pay attention to the movie and even to him. This got in his nerve, he snatch the phone and put it on his drawer.

“Why?!” she asked in annoyance

“I want you to pay attention to me,,,” long paused “Doesn’t you get what I wanted to imply? Are you numb?”

“I’m not, but I’m afraid that I might loose control of myself…”

“Then be it…” he manage a deep sigh “do I have to put it in words for you to understand?…I want to own you, I want to control you, I want you to be mine, only mine.”

Althea can’t speak. She doesn’t know what to say, she was speechless, she can’t even utter a word.  Yes, it was in her plan to made him fall for her that he’ll think that he can’t live without her. But now that it’s happening, it’s somehow scary, it gives a creepy feeling. She doesn’t say anything instead she kissed him. Making him go wild and hot. She let him kissed her back. It was hard inside her, his tongue was playing a tagged war with hers. It’s meeting all the places there as if it was it’s first time to explore it. She feels the heat raised into her, she was now hard in him, she pushed him on the bed making her over him. She kissed his lips, then his neck and his whole body. Jhenrick was very shocked of what she was doing, it never crossed his mind that she’s good, honestly so goddamn good, she made him moan a little. She kissed his lips again, while her other hand was moving to take off his pants revealing his treasure located between his legs, she played with it, rubbing it like a toy, touching it’s head with so much fragility. It reached it’s erection. She mouthed it, played with it, slowly at first then fast, fast, fast until it reach it’s climax then it explode, making him lie on bed motionless. She lied down beside him, the movie had stopped, it was done filming and so as them. She help him released his heat without him penetrating her. Well actually she was really good at doing things like that but to be honest she’s still virgin as hell. No guy could go within her when she said no.

“Are you okay?” she asked him for he’s still not talking.

“Where did you learn that?” he asked her. She gave her a queried look “ahmmm, are you still you know..” he can’t put it words, it’s awkward asking about it, but when would be the best time to talk about it.

“I know what?” she asked back as if she can’t figured out what he was saying.

“If you’re still…” he sighed “virgin…”

“what do you think?”she asked back

“you are pure and will always be..” he smiled and so she is. He hugged her, she hugged him back. They were making their moments when suddenly her phone rang. She reached for it so sudden that it shock him.

“Hello?…yes how are you?” she sat up from the bed. She giggle as if liking what the person on the other line told her. “yeap, still pretty and alluring. Wanna meet me up? Hmmm let me think.” Jhenrick sat up too, listening to her conversation. “No, no, no,… that would be great. Hehehe, maybe that’s the reason why I can’t sleep, don’t think too much about me…” upon hearing this Jhenrick’s mood change, it was clear on him now that his girlfriend was talking to someone and she’s becoming flirty, and he doesn’t like it. He grabbed the phone.

“Hello…who’s this?” he looked at her with an eyebrow raised “ She was beside me… answer me first who are you?” Althea rest her back on the bed’s padded head, listening to his conversation, she actually mean to answer the phone with him around to see his expression, she looked at him, he was still cool even in his most mad mood. “A suitor? Then I’m telling you to back off, I’m her boyfriend and she will never be serious with you as long as I’m here.” with that he put down the phone, he went to the phone’s contact and erased the number. Then he returned the phone to her

“Never contact him again…” Only that then he went downstairs leaving her alone.

It was already pass 11 when they reached Althea’s unit. On the way to her place no one was talking, but she can still sense the madness residing within him. The moment he stepped on the clutch she manage to speak up.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” she started

“What am I supposed to say?” he asked back “should I asked you why you’re cheating? Then you’ll asked back what does it feels?” silence “to tell you, it hurts a lot, so much but I can’t blame you, I’m the one who first did it, now we’re fair can we stop hurting each other now, let’s just build a new happy relationship… can we?”

Althea was shock, why he’s not angry, why not slap me or shout at me for what I did. Instead he talk to me with utmost care, like I’m a fragile or genuine treasure. He pick carefully the words he’ll use to me. Is this his plan of taking care of me, by slowly tricking me with his sweet talks? Is this his plan of torturing me. Have to admit it, he’s really a good pretender. A veteran actor, but I won’t loose to the likes of him, Althea thought. She started to cry, she know exactly how to control a man, and this is through tears. She had tricked many guys using her genuine tears.

He hold her cheeks “Why are you crying?  I’m the one who supposed to cry here.”

“I don’t know, my tears just rolled down and I can’t stop them.” I whimper “Maybe because you’re mad at me, but you don’t wanna hurt me, I’ll accept it if you’ll shout at me rather than hide your anger towards me…” she looked at him, his facial expression changed, he was serious, he just looked at her eyes, with those eyes, with those blank like stare, he raised his hand as if to slap her, she can see that it has a heavy forced, she closed her eyes. She waited for a couple of minute, but still his hand do not land on her cheek, she opened her eyes and was shocked, she saw his hand approaching, but instead his lips landed on hers. He kissed her passionately and sweetly, she closed her eyes again and kissed him back.

“Would that be fine as a punishment?” he said grinning. She still can’t read him, he always shocked her, surprised her with her moves. Why can’t she win him, why she always ended in his arm, instead of him in hers. She was crying now and it was for real. She doesn’t know why but he scares her, she hate to admit it but he won this time.

Chapter XVI


AD-ThoughtsThinking-V1Jhenrick was lying on his bed, thinking of what had just happened. He was really mad, insanely mad but he can’t just shout or hurt Althea for he knew that when he hurt her he’ll hurt his self more than she is. Hearing your girlfriend talking to other man with such sweetness would really kill you. This was the first time it ever happened to him that he was hurt so much like he wanna die. He knew very much how capable she was on doing things, like flirting with other man, but he doesn’t expect it to be known this early. She stand up and walked through the dvd player and turned it on to play a music, it was a mellow one, it invades the whole room, and even his serenity, his whole being. He let his self flowed down the melody it brings. Internalizing,,, analyzing the lyrics carefully, as if all of this were made only for him. He return to his bed, facing the ceiling, he draw her faced, and smiling he said

“Althea,,, Althea, you always made me go insane… Why can’t you just forgive me? Why let ourselves suffer this way, I know very much that you still love me with your whole heart, but you were filled with anger and hatred…” he sighed “…But don’t worry I’ll help you, trust me again, you’ll be mine again,, the whole of you.”

The next morning Jhenrick woke up early. Today he has a plan, Althea was in her boutique and he’s going to visit her there. He’ll surprised her. He did his morning routine, eat breakfast, take a bath then after that he went to a pet shop to buy a dog, Althea love dogs, and he’ll going to give her one, that would be their baby. He choose a hairy one. Before going to her boutique he pass by a flower shop and bought a bouquet for her. He reached the place exactly 10:30, there she saw her talking to a customer and looks like the customer was flirting with her, she was smiling as always. Every guy would really fall for her because of that smile. He let the puppy enter the boutique, her assistant saw it, she approached it, trying to shoo it, but it caught her attention.

“wow, what cute puppy,,,” she approached it “Don’t shoo her, your scaring her,” the puppy came closer to her, waggling it’s tail “Oh,,, how cute it was,,,” she picked it up “Where’s your owner,,,” she tip it’s nose “Look how adorable you are…”

“I think the puppy likes you” Jhenrick intrude who just entered the store.

“look, honey she’s cute right?” she kissed Jhenrick “I wish she was mine, where could be her owner?”

“She was all yours” he patted it on it’s head “you must take good care of our baby, okay?”

“Our baby?” she repeated. He just nod, then she hugged him in excitement

“you brought this for me?” he nod again “Oh, how sweet you are,”

He also gave her the flowers  “And also this one…”

“Owww,,, I love you” she kissed him again.

“And I love you more…” he grab her waist  “can I take you out for a lunch?” he added.

She nod then in a sweet tone she said “I know you won’t take no for an answer.” then she smile

They went into a fine dinning, a pasta house. The waitress gave them the menu, and with a precociousness she intensively look at every food offered by the menu, like a great chef whose criticizing each one. Then after a couple of minutes she ordered, baked mac, a tea and mango float. Jhenrick on the other hand ordered Chicken wing, a  tea, and mango float. He also request for a red whine. While waiting for the foods, a girl approached them.

“Rhick?” the girl begin who just crossed them by. “Is that you?”

Jhenrick who was holding Althea’s hand by that time look back to the girl and got shock to jane, his ex-fling “Jane!… what are you doing here?” he said ignoring Althea’s glare

“Nothing, I’m gonna met my auntie here…but looks like she wouldn’t come.”

“Oh… I see”

“Am,,,” she said in a flirty tone while touching his shoulder “Can we share table?”

“huh?” he utter as if don’t know what to do with the increasing tension growing between the three of them. He can sense the anger within Althea and the eagerness of Jane to over power her. “hmmm, anyway, meet my girlfriend Athea” he changed topic “hon, this is Jane, my old friend” he introduced her to her.

“I’m not just an old friend, where lovers…” she said with an eyebrow raised

Althea just look at her, she smile and utter “is that so, hmm, hi nice meeting you ex-lover of my boyfriend, I’m Althea the original girlfriend…”

“You’re Althea?” she asked with a grin “you two are still together? For a lady who found out that her man has another and accepting him again, you must be strong and must loved him very much.”

“And for a girl who can’t take my bf away, must be very upset that you’re still looking for him,,,” she hold Jhenrick hands “my boyfriend was a little playful, allowing him to do his thing makes him come back to me over and over again, he won’t fall for the likes of yours…” she look at her up to bottom “ can you see our difference?…you’re here” she put her hands lower than her hips “and I’m here” then the other hands above her hips.”

Before the girl could answer, Jhenrick intrude, stopping Jane “just go Jane, we don’t want you to spoil our day…” with that she left…

Althea was not speaking for the whole meal. Jhenrick knows that she’s not happy for what  just happened and knows exactly that she’s freak’n mad and its scary. This calls the attention of him. He grabbed her hand and in a slow tone he asked

“What’s wrong, are you okey?”

she take his hand off her “Why is there any reason for me to get mad?” she answer coldly

he manage a deep sigh “hon what you saw a while ago, was just nothing, it happen a long time ago”

“how long was long time for you?” she take a sip of her ice tea “a month or two? You’re having an affair before, not once, not even twice, for how many, I don’t know.”

“That was before…” he kissed her hand “hon…believe me when I say it was only you and that I’m faithful to you…”

“I have believed you once but you broke that trust, now tell me, Am I wrong when I doubt you?”

“You have given me the chance, yet you’re not trusting me, if that’s the case why come back to me again, can you forgive me?.”

“I have forgive you, but I will never forget, ever.”

“just learn to trust me again, that’s the only way it should be.”

“ I am learning, the hard way. And every time trust was already there, scene’s like this opposed.”

“let them be, just trust me, I swear it won’t happen again.”

Althea nod, then he smile “promised? You won’t do it again?”

“Yes…but” he touch the tip of her nose “…promise me too that you’ll be a good girl and that you’ll allow me to control you.”

“that would be unfair!!!” she disagree, like child having a tantrums “no man controls me, I’m the lord of myself.”

“then I’m the first man to do that.” she was supposed to answer back but he cut her off “no more but’s and if’s”

Althea pout, she was acting seeing if he can handle him but looks like it didn’t work. The situation now turned upside down, how can she control him, if he too wants to take hold of her.

They we’re walking down the street, when a guy approach Althea. The guy suddenly hugged her and kisses her on the cheek. Jhenrick saw it from his very own eyes and these made him mad.

“Thea, long time no see!!! how are you?”

“huh? I’m okey,…do I know you?”she queried

“Don’t tell me you have forgotten me that fast?!” he clasp his hand upon seeing her reaction “Thea, baby, come dance with me..” he posed a dancing move.

As if she recall someone from the past, she smile and in shock she said “Aethan? What are you doing here?”

“Why asked? Did you already buy this place?” he answered while smiling.

She punch him on the arm “you where like that as always!!!”

“But admit it, you loved me because of this attitude..” he grin

Jhenrick who by that time was listening to them just make a face and look at the guy with a suspicious look. His temper raised  more when he saw him grabbed his girlfriend waist towards him.

“You know I’ve missed you, your face, your eyes and that red little lips” he lick his own lips “wanna fit mine to yours” he continue still not noticing Jhenrick’s appearance

“what if my fist fits yours, would you mind?” Jhenrick intrude who couldn’t take any longer with the guys appearance, especially the way he talks with her, he’s not respecting her and he doesn’t like it.

He look at him suddenly “and who are you?”

“I’m his boy friend”

“Oh, I thought a passer by” he grin

with anger he kissed her in front of him and she kissed back “would a passer by do that?”

The guy just grin, a grin that full of meaning “yeah, you’re right no passer by would do that,,,” silence “…but I did, when we first met, can’t stop myself because of that beautiful lips.”

Jhenrick was about to answer when Althea came between them

“Ahm, Aethan, you have important thing to do right?” the guy look at her with question mark face “You just tell me,,, right?”

“yeah,” he immediately answered when he got her point “Aethan is the name, remember that” he told Jhenrick, then he face her “contact me okey, or I’ll reach out for you” with that he left them

She just smile and wave goodbye to him. Then she faced him.


“Let’s talk about this in the car.” with that he grabbed her and together they went inside the car.

She doesn’t know but she had the feeling that any time he’ll explode because of anger, and this time he would really mad at her, that she’ll win this time. She avoid his gazed, for she knows that once he caught her with his eyes there’s no escape. That she’ll fall for his trick again.

“How many guys are still in line?” he asked with a tinge of anger in his tone “how many situation should I face?” she was making a wimp when he spoke “don’t try to cry, I’m freaking mad now and that won’t cool me down. Althea for god sake I’m trying to be good here, what was really your plan?…Are you just playing with me,” he continued as if not wanting her to speak “…you know exactly what I’m capable of doing don’t force me to do it again, I’m trying so hard.”

My temper reach my head too, and we started to clash “If you’re tired then let’s stop this freaking relationship! and do what ever you want!…” Althea stepped out of the car “go where ever you wanna go, I don’t care!…we’re thru now!” with that she let him.

Jhenrick was left there, alone and was still full of thoughts, she made him reach his limit, and now look what happened. This is what he’s trying to prevent, for them to clashed for he knows that when it happens they’ll both make a decision out of blue that will make them regret in the future. He remember her face, she was mad, but he can sense from her the apologetic aura, that she doesn’t intend things to happen,. It just did. She broke up with him and he hopes that they can still fix it. He promised that he won’t let her go again, not this time. He glance at  the window seal, he knows that Althea was doing her best too, avoiding suitors that approaches her, turning them down, in which she doesn’t used to do. He felt guilty for raising his voice to her, that was the first time he did it to her, he never raised even a single tone on her, what happened a while ago maybe shock her that why her anger raised. He closed his eyes and begin to think,., no one can fix this problem except them, but he know perfectly that she would not take the first action, which is right for the guy must be the one who’ll do courting not the girl. He sighed. But if he always court her every time they argued she will never learn he must control his self from doing it. She must learn to lower down her pride, for him… for the one she loves.

Chapter XVII 

0CsDDmHYT4uu6s19sLME_0427-guy-giving-girl-roses_smDays had passed by, yet no interaction nor closure are done. Now, Althea doesn’t know where to stand. She misses him a lot but he’s no where to find, she tried to contact him but he can’t be reached. she was on her boutique, making designs but she was disturbed by thoughts including him, she wonder where he was now, where he might be and what he might be doing. She was thinking if she’s wrong when she told him that they’re done, that time she was expecting him to follow her, to apologized, to beg for her forgiveness, but then it never happened. She was totally sad now, is this really the end for them. She was staring blankly at no where when she hear the voice of a group of children, singing outside her window, she approached it, it was clear now on her ears what they we’re singing.

“I’m lying alone with my head on the phone,

thinking of you ’til it hearts,

I know you hurt too, but what else can we do?

Tormented and torn apart… torn apart huhhhh!

I’m all out of love I’m so lost with out you…

It can’t be too late, to say I was so wrong,….”

So cute, so ideal, children singing in front of her window makes her fantasized for a while, then suddenly she glance on the road side across the street, there’s a scene there that caught her attention… There she saw him, Jhenrick, standing and holding a billboard with ‘SORRY! I LOVE YOU MUCH!!! ACCEPT MY APOLOGY… WILL YOU HON?’, she clasp her hands on her mouth thinking how many hours was he standing there and with so much effort like this, how can she just ignore him. He was looking at her too, smiling, as of saying, I owe you stay with me forever. Passers by we’re looking at him, he let them look at billboard on his hand, then she saw him saying something to them, then each one they’ll come to her direction,

“forgive the young man, he loves you so much…” an old lady told her. Then a teenager with her best friend approach her too

“Forgive him already, you we’re very lucky to have a man like him” the teenage girl exclaimed

“I wish my boy friend was like him too…” the other girl agreed.

“Man! He was insanely in love with you, I myself would never do that, accept his apology.” a masculine man told her too.

She looked back at him again, she went outside the store, then she approached him.

“What we’re you doing in here?” Althea started “You’re calling too much attention…” she said smiling.

“If this is the only way to gain you’re forgiveness, I’ll do it over and over again…” he look into her eyes “Still not satisfied?” he asked with an angelic expression.

She hold his cheek then she kissed him romantically “Would that be fine as an answer?”

He put down the billboard and he hugged her tightly, as if they doesn’t see each other for a couple of years. Then in joy he shouted

“My girl have forgiven me!!! She still loves me and I love her too…” he look at her, who’s by that time was very ashamed of what he was doing “I love you so much Ms. Althea!!!”

“And I love you too….” he replied

Althea let him sat on the sofa at her office. She ordered for a pizza for them, and told her secretary to make a juice to freshen them up. She was just looking at him and so he is to her. He caress her cheek, while looking directly in her eyes.

“what?” she asked softly

he shook his head “nothing,,,I just missed you, your eyes, your nose, your face, your lips…” long silence “…honestly speaking, I missed all of you, the whole of you…”

“And I missed you too…” she reached out to kissed him. He was kissing her so passionately, tenderly and with so much love. They were kissing when her secretary entered the room with their orders and next to her was Jaynard who managed to whistle when he saw them snugging, which made them to take apart.

“Did I spoil the scene?” he asked coldly

Althea stood up and approached him to give a big hugged. “yeah, you just…” she joke but it can be seen on his face that he was hurt that for  him it wasn’t a joke. That he doesn’t like what he saw.

“Well then I’m sorry” he sat on the sofa next to Jhenrick

“It was just a joke, don’t take it seriously” she too sat next to her bf. Then she hugged him “What brought you her?”

“Just wanna inform you that mom was coming and she wants to see you, and by the way she’s coming together with your dad. You must prepare for that, if you know what I want to imply.”

She suddenly sat up straight “Dad… was coming?” Jaynard nod “why so sudden?”

“don’t know, must be missing you…”

She take a deep sigh “Dad should informed me first, before making any decisions, he always love to surprised me…” she faced jhenrick and with a wide smile she said “you’re going meet honey, okey?”

Jhenrick nod “sure I will,,, ahm, what kind of father was your dad, I mean was he the hard type or the soft one?”

she started to laugh a little “My dad was a mixture of both, you’ll never know unless you begin to interact with him,…” she patted his shoulder “Don’t worry, one thing was for sure he’s a kind person”

He take a deep big sigh “Okey… if you say so…”

she faced Jaynard again “Any way when would it be?”

He shrugged “next week Friday, mark your calendar… it’s the big day”

She hold their hands and with excitement she said “We guys need to prepare for that…”

Althea was lying on her bed, with a phone on the other hand, she was hesitant to dial, taking in, taking off, she was thinking what if she won’t agreed with her, and she haven’t contact her after their vacation. She feel a little guilty about it, she doesn’t know the real reason why she stop texting her, she won’t even answer her calls until she became tired of contacting her, And out of blue she’ll do interact with her, for what reason? To asked for her help, then what would she say that she’ll only talked to her if she’s up into something and that what does she think of her a puppet that she can control? Oh my is it very hard to do it, besides we’re friends, she told herself… she was to dial her best friend’s number: Laila, when her phone rang and on the screen was her name, she hurriedly answered it

“Hello, girl?”

“What’s up?” Laila managed to utter, it was obvious on her tone that she’s a bit shy.

“I missed you” she told her

“I thought you never do?…” silence “you never text me nor answer my calls not until now, “

“I’m sorry, so sorry,”

“can I visit you tonight?”

“I would be glad by that…”

“Then it’s the night,,, I’ll be there after 30 minutes,,,”

“Be fast, there’s a lot of catching we should do…”

One hour have passed but still no Laila showed up, she started to feel agitated, what is this a game? She asked her self, she turned on the  music to lighted up her mood and the environment, she was relaxing her mind when someone spoke up

“What we’re you doing?” a voice asked

Althea opened her eyes and a smile released on her faced “yoga?… you were late, way too late…”

Laila sat beside “because I brought you this…” she raised up the three layered cake, Althea again smiled

“you still know my favorite…”

“of course I do…”

Althea get the cake and prepared it, after a couple of minutes she returned with a slice for each of them and a two glass of mango juice. She put it on the table and sat beside Laila. They look at each other as if carefully observing one another. As if it was so long ago that they’ve been together. She was still the Laila that she know, the calm and expressive face, she managed to smile. How come that she get mad at her, to her? The most precious friend she ever had.

“Why were you smiling?” Laila asked

she shook her head “Nothing, a thought just passed my mind,…” she hold her hand “Sorry beshy,,,” Laila raised an eyebrow “..for getting mad at you?…I shouldn’t have that done what I’ve did…”

“Hmp, let’s forget about it, it’s nothing but a crop…” she smiled.

Althea smiled too, then without second thought she hugged her tightly, god she misses her so much, she misses this kind of moment, when they sat here and talk anything under the sun. She was so dumb to hit on her, now she knew and regret everything that happened between, and for sure she wont do it again, not to her…

“Anyway, Jhenrick, told me that your dad was coming, do you have any plan?” Laila Asked “How are you going to introduce him to your dad?”

“I plan to introduce him at the party, I’m thinking of doing a welcome party for dad and for Jaynard’s mom.” Althea explained

“Hmmm,,, that wasn’t bad, so are you gonna call for a catering or you want to cook…”

“Catering would be good, and besides I don’t have that enough time to cook…”

“Catering,… for how many?”

“Hmmm, dad have many friends, ,maybe a hundred would do”

“Okey, everything was fine now, I’ll contact the catering I know, they are good and well tested by me,,,” She smile.

Laila, lean on the sofa, then took a sip of the juice, Althea was just looking at her, thinking if she should asked her regarding her and Jaynard, if there’s something happening between them or what was their status now. But she was hesitant to ask, what if she get mad, and course her, she took a deep sigh.

Laila on the other hand can sense that something was not right, she was also aware of Althea’s gazed towards her, and it made her feel uncomfortable, it was awkward for her, sensing her friends eagerness to know something, but she’s not used on telling the story first. She too took a deep sigh.

“Ahmmm, would you mind if I ask you something?” Althea begun to break the ice between them.

“No I wont as long as it was not math” she joked

“Ahm, is there something between you and jaynard?” she continued

“Wait, don’t tell me you’re jealous?”

she shook her head fast “No…No…No…” silence “…it is just that I’m not used to it. That, seeing him sweet to somebody else, it hurts me,,,”

she laugh “You made me laugh… don’t worry we have nothing to share with, and besides he was just consulting me of a thing,”

“What would it be, why not to me?”

“because…” she lean closer to her “…it will cause you trouble, that’s why he don’t want you to be involve with this…”

Althea sat back “I don’t get his point”

“It’s too early for you to know about it, in time you’ll understand.”

It was already late midnight, but still Althea was wide awake, she can’t sleep, thinking of the last words that came out of her friends lips,

“In time you’ll understand… I don’t get it” she utter.

She was still indulge with those thoughts, why is it that Jaynard always keep her hanging, If there’s nothing between them, then what would they be doing that night and it was very clear in her mind what she saw, and she couldn’t be wrong, she look at the ceiling, she saw the face of jhenrick, smiling to her, still she doesn’t know what status she have for him, yeah their together, but there’s a time that she’s not missing him and that it’s okey with her if she’s not seeing him, but when their together the feeling was so right, she have forgiven him but still she can’t forget what he did, she still doubt him, she doubt everyhing he do, she doesn’t believe him that much, not like before, not like the time that her trust for him was still whole and intact, now it was damage and tortured. She doesn’t know what to do now. Again  Jaynard struck her mind, she misses him so  much, she misses the time when their together, the times when there we’re only him and her, she misses those moments. She was in the middle of her momentum when her phone rang, she look on the screen, it was Jaynard… she anwered it


“Zup!!!, why still up?” he begun

“Nothing…” she shifted position “…just mesmerizing, and you?”

“Nothing…just thinking of you…” silence “wanna see you, wanna own you…”

she sat “What we’re you saying? Are you drugged?” she laugh a little

“Don’t joke around, I’m serious here…”

“Ohhh,,, what made you say that?”

“Where always like this before right?” silence “And we will always be, I’m not giving you up,”

“Are you confessing?” her expression became serious

“I have confessed to you long time ago, haven’t I?”

“yes, I remember…” she laugh with a tinged of pain in her tone “But you left me…”

“Am outside your bed room door open it,”

“You’re here?”

“Open it will you?”

Hurriedly she went at the door, with so many thoughts running on her brain, what if, it’s just a joke, what would she do,what if he’s not really there, what if he’s just playing around. With shaking hand she took the door knob and slowly opened it, there she saw Jaynard, standing in front of her, with the phone on his one hand and the key on the other hand, he raised the key.

“I asked for this right?”

She grin “You always surprised me,,,”

he nod “I know… and you’re loving it”

Althea made him enter the room, he was on her back as she locked the door, and when she’s done with it when he cornered her on it with his arm, she couldn’t resist, she couldn’t move.

“What were you doing?” she asked in shock

he just shook his head “I don’t know, My body moves on his own, as if he knew what he wants,” he lean closer to her making a 2 inches distance between their lips. Althea shallowed for she know very much would happen next. He look directly into her eyes “Don’t stop me if I’ll kiss you, for I won’t listen… I longed for you, I longed for this, I’ve waited, I won’t waste it for nothing.”

“you know it’s not right, It can’t be happen, it shouldn’t be…”

he shook his head again “What is not right is, you being lovey dovey with him, though we both know that you don’t love him,,, you have to wake up, I should wake you up…” Before she could reply, he kissed her passionately, hot and needy, she doesn’t pushed him, she let her self under his control. She can feel the rush within him, his hands moves faster, it touches every inch of her body, owning every part of it. She take off his shirt, kissing his every muscle, licking him all over. He manage to slide his hand under her shirt, he cupped her breasts, making her moan, then he too take it off… revealing her wondrous breasts, he kissed her on the lips, so hot, then on the neck and then to those valley between her mountain. She managed a moan as he encircled her nipple with his tongue, sucking it like a baby… she feels the urge rising within her, the heat traveling thru her veins, she was intensively in heat with those touches, for every kiss he gave her it leaves a mark, a mark that would remind her that he once own her, that she is his personal belonging.

“hmmm,,,, god, ur insanely good…” she told him

he look at her eyes “yeah, cause I’m hungry for you,,,” he kissed her again, he was to pull down her short when she stopped him. She shook her head, then she sat down, making him under her, she took control of everything, she kissed him, showing him, how good she was, letting him know that she’s not the innocent girl that he used to know, she was urging with fire, she caress him as she go down to his nape, then she shower with kisses his neck and body, then she pulled down his pants and undergarments, she position her self at the position and begin her job, she lick it, and took it like a lollipop, slowly, then faster, until he rest his self.

“Why?” Jaynard asked her as they both lie down on the bed.

“Why what?” she asked in return.

“Why can’t give it to me?”

“I’ve never gave it to anyone,… even to him,”

“Still love him?”

“I don’t know,” long pause “I decided to return to him to make him suffer, but I found his company comforting,”

“Then why you allow me to do this to you?”

“I don’t know…I can’t resist you, there’s something in me that want it too,” silence “Jay, you always knew how I feel for you, there’s always been you, even before, now I don’t know, I want you but I’m happy with him, I can’t just let him go.”

“You can’t let him go yet you want me to stay?” he grin “I don’t care about him as long as you’re here with me and make me feel how important I am that’s all that matters.”

“Thanks for understanding…”


Chapter XVIII

670px-Know-when-a-Man-Is-Attracted-to-You-Step-7It was Saturday noon and Althea was on Jhenrick’s house, she visits him. She was there early in the morning, about 10am. She missed his company so she went there. Jhenrick was on the kitchen preparing their food, while she was at the sala and playing psp2. Two days had passed since the day Jaynard visited and confessed to her again, and since that night their friendship got deeper than usual, he cares for her and so she is to him, she’s not ready to let go Jhenrick, not yet, not until she’s done with him. Jaynard knows about this and he’s willing to wait, and besides he doesn’t care if Jhenrick was around or if he’s her boy friend. She was in the middle of his enjoyment when her phone beep, she glance at it a message was received and it came from Jaynard, she get her phone excitedly and read it.

-Hi, how are you, I’ve been missing you, I love you…

She manage to released a smile, then she answered the message

-I missed you, I’m at jhenrick’s house today, might stay here for a while, love much, mwuah! Mwuah!

She put down the psp2, and waited for the reply, after 1 minute it beep again

-I’ll visit your house tonight, don’t stay late there…

she smile for she sense jealousy on his text, she replied quickly

–        jealous?

–        Who me? Why should I, I know you belong to me, 🙂

She shifted position, as if a teenager who’s very excited to reply to her crush

–        and who told you about that? Are you insane?

–        Yeah, insane I am, because of you, you were like a heroine that entices me up,

–        really?, is that you and you we’re a morphine, makes me wanna ask for more…

she was flirting with him, and she’s loving it, she forgot that she’s with Jhenrick and their on his house, she was shock to see him come out of the kitchen, that she almost dropped her phone, he was holding a plate of pasta, and a 2 glass of juice.

“What we’re you doing?” he asked upon putting the  food and drinks.

She immediately erased the last message of jay “Ahmm, nothing,” she look at the pasta “Come on let’s eat this up, I’m a bit hungry now,” she changed topic.

He sat down beside her, and serve her the food, their we’re eating when her phone beep again, she hurriedly get it before he could, then she read the message while he’s eating his food. It was Jaynard again.

–        I’ve been missing you badly, let’s meet, leave him now. Upon reading this Althea begun to think, she missed him too, but she can’t just leave him like this, she’s the one who visits him, and for sure he won’t allow her to do that. Then she replied on her best friend’s message.

–        I’m sorry, I can’t, I’m with him, he might doubt me

–        But I want to see you. I’m dying and very eager to see you, please…

She release a big sigh, these made Jhenrick to comfort her, he’s been observing her all the way, she acts weird this past few days, and he’s worried about it. He laid down his hand on her shoulder.

“what’s wrong? You’ve been out of your mind this past few days, is there something that bothers you?” he asked with full of concern, and you can see it in his eyes.

She just shook her head “Nothing,,, it doesn’t involves you…”

“Are you sure?”

Althea sighed and nod “yeah…” she can’t understand, he’s nice to her, she’s the one who’s doing bad things behind him, but still it seems like she hadn’t done anything wrong against him, it feels that he was doing it too. The feeling was so good, the truth was she became numb for all the cheatings he done, and now she doesn’t care anymore, if he’s going to go out or date somebody else, the hell she care, she know how to play too and he should know that, he’s not the only person capable of doing it, if he wants to play with her, fine she’ll give it to him, more than willing. Her phone beep again, she glance at it, it was Jaynard, she caught jhenrick eyeing it, like a detective who’s suspiciously looking to a strange object, she can sense from him the eagerness to get her phone but before he could, she immediately grab it from the table.

–        honey, I’m waiting I miss you so much, can you just leave him and be with me?

She replied on the message as if it was just a normal conversation

–        I’ll call you later, huh, bye… love yah!!! mwuah!!!

“What does Jaynard say?” Jhenrick asked suspiciously

she shook her head “Nothing, just wanna greet me,”

“ow,,, wait… Why don’t you invite him over, so we can chat, you know if he’s your best friend I should know him too right?”

She was trying not to look into him “Oh,,, he doesn’t have enough time, maybe next time he will be glad to hang out with you,,,”

“Okey, anyway, I’m planning to go tagaytay this weekend, come with me, it will be great,,,”

“But, I can’t I have a duty,,,” she rejected him, for godsake she’s been rejecting him for so many times now, what is she doing, she’s pushing him into his limit.

Jhenrick’s facial expression change, you can see from his face that he doesn’t like what was happening between them. She stand up and gather their plates to avoid jhenrick’s query. She know he wont stop asking for her approval, she can’t understand but she lost this so called ‘amor’ for him, yet she can’t let him go, there’s something inside her that prevent her from doing it The truth was she doesn’t feel the spark between them anymore, it do not only diminished, it was gone for good. She was washing the dishes when he approached and hugged her from the back rubbing his body to hers,

“I’ve been missing the old you, what happen where did it go?” he asked her gently

“I don’t know, like what I’ve told you, I can forgive but I will never forget…” he get the dished and put it down, he made her faced him, he look into her eyes

“Then let me help you forget it…” he kissed her softly, she doesn’t move, nor kissed back, but instead she manage to push him a little

“I’m not in the mood for this” she then walk back to the sala, she sat at couch and opened the music to lighten up the mood, but what happened was the reverse, it encourages the intensity of the room. Jhenrick approach her, he was standing at the back of the couch, he put his hand on her hair, he kissed it, then slowly he caress her cheek, then her neck, he bent down to kissed her nape, he lick it, then suck it leaving a mark there, signifies that she was his property, then he transfer in front of her he knelt to kissed her lips, he kissed romantically, this time she faought back, playing a tag war with his tangue, her own hands was moving now, caressing his whole body, it moves to undress him, first his shirt, she lick him all over, she make him moan by sucking his nipple, she encircle it, while she’s doing it, his hands moves faster under her shirt cupping her boobs, playing with its nipple, then he take it off revealing her upper body. Like a hungry child he suck it, while he’s doing it, she manage to grab some of his hair and release a soft moan, she grab his face and kissed him on the lips, she was hot and very eager to have him. She can’t understand but she’s liking what their doing, she dreamed of this before, she let herself be under his control. He lay her down on the sofa, then in a long movement he manage to unbackle his belt and undone his pants. He look at her with full of amazement, she was really beautiful and no doubt a lot of men are blinded by her. But today she’s all his, and she will always be his roperty.

“You’re really beautiful, I love you so much, I’m telling you, I know you have another guy, and I don’t care about them, you’re mine and will always be mine.” she just nod, she can’t shook her head as if under his control. He kissed her on the cheek, then on the lips, down to the valley between her, and when he’s ready, when he feel the eagerness and engorgement at his bottom he started to enter her, he felt her hesitation, yet he also felt the willingness of her to surrender to him, he kissed her romantically as slowly and gently he enter her, slowly at first, until they both feel the tense inside them, the heat rising between them, slowly then faster, faster, faster. He heard her moan and say his name as he do it, this made him smile, made him proud that he’s her first. He was looking at her eyes while its happening and he can see the tear at the side of her eyes,

“Do you want me to stop now?”

She shooked her head “I’m okey,”

With that word he grin then again they made a path together with the music, slowly, slowly then fast, fast, fast until both of them explode. They lie down on the sofa. She was under his arm, he’s more gentle with her now than before. He was smiling and she saw it.

“Why are you smiling?” she queried

he shook his head “I was your first right?”

“And so?”

“And so,,, that was special, I will never let you go, ever.” he kissed her again “I will fight for you, I wont allow any guy come between us,” he look into her “I’m telling you, I’m serious here…”

she doesn’t utter a word, she just hugged her, she doesn’t understand, she knew herself, she have this strong bind that keep pushing men  from entering her, but this guy he was different, he cut that bind, it was warm and safe under his arm, she in pain from her bottom but with him and his arm arround her, it was all gone, as she closed her eyes Jaynard flashed into her mind, she imagined him sitting on the couch at her place, smiling and waiting for him.


Chapter XIX

nov2011 welcome home dad doorAlthea and Laila was very busy with their thing, for today was the big day, Althea’s dad, was coming home, she prepared a small welcome party for her dad, and for Jaynard’s mother as well. It was held as shangrila hotel, where most of her dad’s and jaynard’s mom are invited. Laila helped them with the catering, she new someone from sharigla hotel, she contcted them and made a reservation.

The place was just perfect for the occasion, it was decorated by different flowers at the every corner of the room, then to beautify the dinning table, they covered it with red cloth, and on top of it a well designed flower was placed to make the set up perfect. Every table can occupy atleast eight person. They also make sure that the sound system would be in good mood. The foods looks great, hoping that it taste good too, but with Laila’s approval for sure it was delicious and would fulfill the guests satiety.

Althea was busy with everything, But jaynard was with her, he too was busy attending to the visitors needs. They both make sure that they would not complain, that it will be a great day for them. Jhenrick on the other hand was no where to find, he must be late, as always, he never learned to arrived earlier than the exact time.

dadnbfToday Althea will introduce Jhenrick to her dad, hope he’ll like and accept him. That he won’t make it hard for him. After what happened between them she got more attached to him, yet she also knew that she like Jaynard as well, and until now she doesn’t know what to do with the both of them, all she knew was she’s happy with Jhenrick, yet she’s also happy with Jaynard, she knew she had to settle her own issue, she needs to choose between them, but it’s very hard, she can’t live without Jaynard yet she doesn’t want to hurt Jhenrick. She look around then she saw him, Jhenrick standing on the one corner of the room, together with her was Laila, they were chit-chating when she decided to approach them.

“Hi, how are you?” Althea greeted them with her big smile.

“Just fine…” Jhenrick scan her, up, down then up. He was amazed of her get up, she was really beautiful with whatever dress she’ll wear. With a red backless fitted dress, a pair of heart shape earing partnered with heart shape neckless and a bangle what else, would you expect her to be,… she’s as beautiful and sexy yet elegant looking as always. “You’re gorgeously awesome.”

“Thanks…” she replied while blushing “Anyway, you can sit at any table, dad would be here any time by now.”

“Okey, don’t mind us we’ll be okey.”

Althea wave goodbye to them, she look around hoping to see, Jaynard, where could he be now, he needs him now, right here, right now, there she found her at one of the table, talking to a blond lady, and according to what she saw the girl was flirting with him and so he is. Her temper raised a little, she went to his direction, the she put her hand around his arm.

“Hi, I’m Althea, I’m the daughter of the Mr. Villarica… Is there anything I can do for you?” she begun with a big smile

“ow, nothing, I’m just talking to Jay,,,” the girl look at him “he’s nice, handsome and full of humor.”

“Yeah I know, we’ve been together since birth,,,” the smile on her face never fades, but deep inside her she was freaking mad

“Together?…since birth, I thought…” the gurl was now confused of what she was telling her

“You thought what?” Althea faced Jaynard “What are you doing again?…playing?” she eyed him with a ‘we’ll talk about this later’.

Because of that look, Jaynard put his hand around her waist, then his other hand at the back of his nape, then while grinning he told her “No where just talking, chit-chating…”

She nod “Okey,,, dad would be here soon be ready…” then she faced the girlk again “We need to leave now, just enjoy the party.” with that they left the girl behind. While walking they we’re arguing

“Talking huh, it seems flirting to me” she begun

“don’t get mad, it’s nothing,,,” while walking he saw her dad entered the hall “Uncle was already here, together with my mom.”

They went at the entrance, then they welcomed them. Her dad kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly as if not seeing her for so many years.

“Welcome home dad…” she kissed him back  “How’s your trip?”

“Trip was fine, together with Jay’s mom, it went all good.” Jaynard who was standing beside her caught’s his attention “Jaynard is that you? You become a good looking man, with a good muscle built.”

“Thank you uncle for the compliment, and you as always will remain handsome and masculine.”

“hahaha, you know how to tell a lie now huh,,,”

“it was the truth uncle…” he went to his mom and hugged her “And how’s my beautiful mom?”

“Ohhh, honey, I’m fine, and I miss my baby jay…”

“Mom, I’m not a baby anymore,,,but” he glance at Althea “I can give you baby if you want…”

“Jay!!!” Althea said while blushing “I’m sorry auntie, that was shameful, he should have not joke like that.”

“It’s okey honey, and besides I’m excited to have one, and if it comes from you, I would be glad…” she kissed her on the cheek.

Althea kissed her back too “Thank you, then jay would be the one to asked”

“If you’ll asked me you know what would be my answer…” he look at her with full of meaning, she just smile, then her eyes caught Jhenrick who was looking at them from a far, she feels a slight guiltiness, she looked away from Jaynard’s .

Althea was standing on the center stage, now she’s ready to introduced her dad, then she’ll introduce Jhenrick as her boyfriend to crowd. She take a big sigh, getting all the strenght that she could so that the party announcement would be smoothly furnished.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen…” she begun “…we are all here to celebrate the return of my dad fom the other side of the world. He used to work there for so many years. In a year we only have a month or two to be together, and I would like to spent that in a most special way I could. My dad’s return  today was out of his plan, it was so sudden that it shocks me. Now let me welcome to all of you the most adorable and loving father in the world together with my best friend’s mom….” she pointed her hand to them “ Mr Earl Villarica, my beloved dad and Mrs Yna Fritz, let’s give them a round of applause!”

The visitors welcomed them with all their might, you can see from their faces the excitement about seeing their old friends. Her dad took the center stage and asked for a microphone.

“Good evening everyone, I know most of my friends out there ar very excited to see me again, well I feel the same way too,,, but before we can have our chat and drink later, let me use this oppportunity to make a special announcement.” he made a pause, and with a meaningful expression he look into everyones eye “All of you knew that I have a very beautiful young lady, I have kept and taken care of her for so many years, I have given her all the good things in life.” He look back at Jaynard, he nod and so as he “Five years ago, after the graduation rite of my beloved daughter, a young man approached me, this man was very thin and has a small body built, yet he has this strong self confidence and bravery to asked a father for the hand of his only daughter, in my shock I doesn’t replied to his query. This man I’m telling you was here in this very own room, this man was non other than Mr. Jaynard Fritz…” Jaynard stepped forward, then with bravery he faced the crowd, including Jhenrick, whom by that time was looking with an angry look to him “…Look at him now a tall and a masculine man, that time, I doesn’t replied for I thought he will change his mind in time, but what he told me that time remain in my head, this is the exact thing he said…

‘I’ll leave the country, and left her behind, for a while, but I will return and prove to         you that I’m the only man suited for your daughter and if that time comes, no if’s            no but’s you’ll give her to me…’

…see how brave he was at that age, that made me accept him as my own son, they were best friends since birth, he was her protector and prosecutor. When we meet at L.A the only thing he told me was…

‘I never forget what i’ve told you…”

…Jay you have proven a lot, I’m happy that you love my Althea…” he reached for Althea’s hand, he lay it down into Jaynard’s hand “…Now I can’t say no, I am now giving Althea into your care, be a loving man to her, don’t hurt her, always love her the way I did.” Jaynard accepts her hand then he hugged her.

She was so shocked of what just happen, her dad just announce an engagement vow for her and Jaynard. Where does her plan goes, she was supposed to introduce Jhenrick to his dad,…Jhenrick? Where was he, he was here, for sure he saw and heard very clearly what dad announced, she needs to talk to him, she needs to settle down things, she needs to fix it, she was not informed about this, yeah she planned to dump him but not this early and not through this way. She looked around hoping to find him, there she saw him, going out of the front door, without talking she left her dad, Jaynard and his mom at the center stage, sorry guys but I need to fix this first, she thaught.

She was outside the hall now, but she can’t find her, he was no where to find, god where the hell did he go… She doesn’t want to hurt him this way. It shouldn’t be like this, of all people she knows very much how it was to be hurt, yeah she planned to take revenge on him, but that was before, for she realized that revenge will not make things better it will be worsen instead. She look around, walk a little, god, show your self up, please Jhenrick, she thought. Outside the veranda she saw him, he was standing there, looking at the sky, with a sadness in his eyes. Slowly she approached him, she too look up in the sky.

“What a beautiful night we have here…” long silence “Why not go back inside together with me?”

he smile, a sly one “beautiful? Yeah, yet it was was sad and killing…” he faced her “What good will it do if I return there with you, your dad just made an engagement vow for you and Jaynard…” it was visible in his eyes that he was hurting, so much that he wants to take his own life “Funny aint it, my girlfriend was engaged to someone else,” he step forward to her “Tell me where do I stand now?”

Althea shook her head, she too was hurting, seeing him like this, she wants to teach him but not this way, she never planned to hurt somone, especially if that person was dear to her. “I don’t know, believe me, I was not informed about this, I never knew that this kind of thing will happen. Jhenrick I don’t wanna hurt you, of all people you should know that…”

“But you did, is this a revenge for what I did to you? we are fair now, I have hurt you, you have hurt me, can we stop now?” she just look at him “…do you think I didn’t know your affair with Jaynard, do you think I’m that numb that I won’t feel it,” he started to raise his voice “ for god’s sake I know all of those things, But I played like I didn’t for I don’t wanna loose you,” he hold her cheek “Are you that mad to me that you can’t forget,,,”

Althea started to cry, maybe because of guiltiness that she felt, she feels guilty and sorry for what she did, “I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I have loved you, and will always be, but I can’t deny that I hate you and that I’m mad at you, you cheated on me, you make me feel like I’m dumb, I can’t trust you any more…I’m sorry…”

Upon hearing those words from her, his world turned upside down, it is as if he was being hit by an army light, he can’t move, he can’t utter a word, it hurt like hell. He just nod and left her there standing while crying. As he leave it started to rain, as if empathizing with their agony, as if telling that heaven knows what they feel. This was the right thing, but why it seems wrong, why she was hurting, why there’s something’s inside her wants to hold him back, wants to stop him, wants to be with him again. The night was long, it was silent and teary like what she was under the rain drops…

Chapter XX

38Everything happened so fast, from her departure with Jaynard, to meeting Jhenrick, getting along with him and having a relationship, cheating to her, to arrival of Jaynard from U.S., going back to Jhenrick again, having an affair with Jaynard, an announce engagement by his dad, to the final goodbye to Jhenrick. So many things happened to her life, from up to down, now she engage with Jaynard, yet she’s thinking about Jhenric, thinking what if it’s him she’ll marry with, would they be happy, would everything changed, would he change for her, she doesn’t know the answer and she will never know.

She was at Jaynards house they’ll be meeting the wedding coordinator, their wedding will be held in 3 months due, yet still her mind was filled with the scene of that night, when she broke Jhenrick’s heart. She never heard anything about him. Even his cousin Laila doesn’t know where he was, but one thing was for sure he was hurt, so much, and she witness it, that night under the rains drops, if she’s not mistaking she him crying, that was the very first time that he cried and the worst it was in front of her. She sighed this caught the attention of Jaynard. He put his arm around her shoulder.

“What’s wrong? What’s bothering you?” he asked with concern.

She shook her head “Nothing, I’m just tired,”

“Do you want to rest? I can prepare the room upstair.”

“No I’m okey,,,”

“Are you sure?” she nod, then the wedding dresser enter the scene. She was holding a series of designs of wedding gowns. She gave it to her

“Mam, this are our famous and latest wedding dresses, you can choose from them or you can make your own design just past it to us then we’ll take care of it.”

Althea take a look at  the dresses, it was all good looking but she’s not in the mood to choose, then she remember Jhenrick again, if only he’s here maybe she will be more at ease.  God why am I like this for god’s sake, stop thinking about him, Jaynard was on your side not him, she thought. She was just looking at it over and over, this made Jaynard wory he get the magazine and returned it to the wedding dresser.

“Ahmmm we haven’t decided yet, we our own designs we’ll give to you after a week.” he informed the dresser “My fiancee was tired let’s cut this off for now…”

After the coordinators left he accompany Althea to his room.

“I know you were tired, rest here for a while…” she just nod.

He was sitting in the sala, so many thoughts enters his mind. Yes Althea was with him, she’s going to marry him, yet her soul and mind was wondering somewhere else, as if she was searching for something that she owns, a thing that she lost. Even she’s not saying it he can feel it, he can read it, through her moves. She was missing her ex, she wants him back, it’s him whom she wants to marry with. It hurts to admit it but, he lost to him and he will never win over him, he will never replaced him in her heart. He smile realizing that to get what he want he have hurted the person he was taken care of the most, to get her, he was hurting and killing her as well, and that was not the real meaning of bravery. He doesn’t want to prolong her suffering, he needs to make a plan, a wedding will be held but it’s not his.

Althea was in her office, she’s done doing their wedding dresses, even it was heavy inside her, there’s no turning back and besides she’ll learn to love him and that was for sure. She close the sketch pad and begun dialling Jaynards number, after three ring he answer the call

“Hello hon, where are you?” she begun

“I’m at the office right now, why?”

“I’m done doing the designs for the wedding dresses, i’m thinking of meeting you, so we can give it to the dresser,,,”

“Okey, okey,…you’re at your office too right? Ahm, don’t leave, I’m going to meet you there.”

“Okey, I love you, take care…”

“I love you so much too…”

While waiting for Jaynard someone special visits her, it was the best girl friend in her life Laila. She was holding a chocolate chiffon cake, she put down on the table and she approached her and kissed her on the cheek.

“How are the wedding girl?” she greeted her

“Fine and beautiful as always…”

“Hmmp, seems like not…” she sat down on the sofa “…Are you really sure now that you wants to marry him?”

“What are you talking about, of course I am, Jaynard was the man for me…”

“It seems like not to me, action speaks lauder than voice…”

“What was that mean?”

“Friend I’m telling you this because I love you…” she stand up and approached her “…follow what your heart says, what your heart desires…”

“I don’t get it…” she cuttted what she supposed to say for suddenly, Jaynard enter the room. He kissed her passionately then greeted them both.

“Oh, Hi laila, how are you?”

“I’m fine and you?”

“So formal huh, hehehe, by the way wants to come with us, we’re going to give this to the coordinators…”

“Do I have a choice?” she smile then altogether they exited the room.

Laila and Jaynard was sitting comfortably on couch while Althea was talking to the coordinators and the wedding dresser about some details and ideas for the wedding. They have decided that the wedding’s theme would be a mask wedding party. Every one should wear a mask, even the groom and the bride. Althea was an artistic person and this idea comes from her, her groom was not against it, instead he likes the idea, it put some spice to the event. And the reception would be at shangrila. While talking to the coordinators, Jaynard and Laila on the other hand were busy talking as well.

“So,,, how are you?” he started the conversation.

“I’m fine, I will be frank with you, I don’t like you for my best friend, it should be my cousin, not you on the aile waiting for her, you stole her to him…”

He just grin “You don’t know the story, do you?” silence “I already have her before he does. And besides, he did nothing but hurt her,,, she deserve to be happy”

“But do you think she’s happy, do you think she will be happy?”

“Yes she will, in the end she will, I’m very sure of that…”

“What do you intend to do?” she asked.

“No need for you to know…”

Althea approached them with a smile on her face

“Hey, what are you guys talking about?”

“Nothing” he answered her, then make her sat beside him “We’re just chit-chatting about certain things”

“Yeah,, he’s right” she shifted position “Anyways did they agree with you weddi

ng plan?”

            “Yeah, but they need to polished it first.. and then they’ll just contact me if it’s already okey.”

“Are you excited about our wedding?” he asked her as if observing her, se

nsing if its better to do what he plan to do.

She nod, and put a little smile on her lips, but still she can’t hide the feeling inside her that somehow, she’s regretting the incoming wedding, regretting that she pushed Jhenrick away, she’s missing him, ba

dly, but he’s no where to find and there’s no turning back now, what would happen, should be with held, no matter what it should be done.

            After three months of preparation the most awaiting was now here to be held, so many people are invited both comes from the bride and grooms family, all of them are waiting at shangrila’s entrance

 hall. They were all wearing a mask, no one will know which is which. The usherets we’re busy minding the visitors, it was a big event of the year.

            Althea was sitting in-front of the mirror at the dressing room, she was looking at her image, she can’t believe it that she will be Mrs. Fritz in no time, after the happenings in her life, she never thought that it will this fast, even the engagement was out of her plan, but there’s no turning back now, a lot of people we’re waiting for her outside, and she doesn’t want to give shame on her dad. He always give the best for her, now was the right time to pay him back. As she was internalizing, Laila entered the room, together with her sweet smile.

“Are you ready?” she asked

She nod and manage a smile “I can’t believe it, as if I’m just dreaming,,,”

Laila put her arm over her shoulder “Well then friend you have to believe it, it’s your big day today… More blessings to come and godbless to both of you…” she kissed her on the cheek, and so she is. She accompany her outside, then give her to the guy waiting outside her room. The guy smile at her, she can’t figured out who it was, but for sure it was her dad.

The wedding ceremony started, her dad accompany her while walking at the a

ile, then at the end of it a guy wearing a black mask was waiting, it was her groom and beside him was another guy wearing a silver mask. When they reach the end of it, her dad gave her hand to the best man, he hold her hand tightly as if not wanting to let her go, he kissed it before giving it to the groom, before he left he utter.

“I’m giving her to you take good care of her…” then he kissed her on the cheek, with that he left together with her dad. She can’t understand, but the voice seems familiar to her, she can’t figured it out but for some reason she knew that voice. They went to altar and face the priest.

“Before we start the ceremony, may I ask the bride and the groom to take off their mask’s in respect for the holy wedding ceremony.” the priest declare

Althea take off her mask, and so as her groom, she was shock seeing who was in front of her, a tear started to flow down from her eyes, she was very happy, it was really her big day, she look back then he saw the Jaynard take off his silver mask, though teary still he smile at her. Then she look back again at the guy in front of her, at the guy she really love, at the who have hurted her so many times and yet suffered to gain his trust again, at the guy who changed for her, with her very own eyes she saw him: Jhenrick, standing in front of her and waiting for her final vow together with him. She manage to release a smile and together they face the priest.

“You Ms. Athea Villarica do you accept this man, Mr. Jhenrick Smith to be your husband, for better and for worst, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part?”

“I do…”

“And you Mr. Jhenrick Smith do you accept this woman, Ms. Althea Villarica to be your wife for better and for worst, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part?”

“I do…”

“By the power bestowned upon me, I now pronounce you husband and wife… you may now kissed the bride…”

He raised the vail slowly, then romantically yet passionately he kissed her. He was filled with joy and so as she. It was really the power of destiny that they end up winning the fight. For all this time they thought there’s no chance for them to be together, but look because of a strong heart to admit defeat, two hearts unite.

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